Terms and Conditions for Best Day Account Users

Terms and Conditions for Best Day Account Users

1. To access the services offered by the Best Day website, we offer you an account operated by our site. The account that you register will be used to authenticate your details and requests when purchasing our services.

This account can always be used to speed up future booking processes for the diverse services offered by Best Day.

2. To create an account on the Best Day website, type in a username, e-mail address and password (which must have at least seven characters). Upon creating your account, you accept our Privacy Policy, which can be found on our website. You will be responsible at all times for providing true, correct, up-to-date and complete information, as well as for keeping your information and password confidential and correctly administrating all activities done on your account.

3. In case you forget your password or cannot access your Best Day account for any reason, you can recover the information by accessing the link "I Forgot My Password", where you'll be asked for your username and to create a new password. After completing this process, you can navigate our site without any problems. We recommend always keeping your username and password safe.

4. Customer safety is important to Best Day, so all of the information you give us will always be protected and properly encrypted to ensure your privacy and safety at all times. We use VeriSign Certificate SSL 3.0, allowing 100% of the charges to your credit card to be encrypted and ensure your privacy when purchasing online.

5. Any failure to comply on your part with any of the terms mentioned above will result in the cancelation of your account. Best Day is not responsible in the case of you losing your username and/or password. Best Day will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the user's failure to comply.