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Shopping in Zacatecas, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Zacatecas shopping

When visiting Zacatecas, you'll probably wish your luggage had a bit more space. You might even end up with more bags, since the wide variety of shopping options that this city offers makes the idea of bringing many things back home a difficult one to resist. Due to its important mining tradition, Zacatecas features an endless number of stores where craftsmen sell authentic works of art made of gold, silver, precious stones and other metals. You can also find carvings made from pink quarry stone or leather, as well as woven or brightly embroidered cloth.

Since the city is considered by the UNESCO a World Cultural Heritage Site, big malls that require modern constructions don't exist because it would take away from the charming architecture of this beautiful city. So if you need to go out shopping, you only need to walk along the streets and allow its markets and silver stores to captivate you.

Artesanias del Patrocinio
(Patrocinio Craft Market)

Zacatecas Handicrafts

This busy craft market is located on top of ''Cerro de La Bufa'' (La Bufa Hill), near the very popular attractions of  ''Toma de Zacatecas Museum'', a large public space called ''Plaza de la Revolucion'', and the temple dedicated to ''Nuestra Senora del Patrocinio'' (Our Lady of Patronage, patron saint of Zacatecas). While shopping here you can find an assortment of items including t-shirts printed with the city's logo and landmarks, typical silver and leather goods, and wooden toys for children, all of which can make great gifts or souvenirs of your trip to Zacatecas.

Casa de las Artesanias
(House of Arts and Crafts)

Handicrafts Zacatecas

Flanked by the peaceful courtyard of Plazuela Miguel Auza and the awe-inspiring Temple of San Agustin is Casa de las Artesanias. Displayed in the windows are beautiful arts and crafts, all handmade by local artists. Inside you'll find an extensive selection of art that highlights the masterful skills of the artists and their ingenious use of local materials. At Casa de las Artesanias, you can purchase items or just spend some time admiring the fine silver jewelry, colorful Huichol crafts made of beads and leather, and the gorgeous hand carved quarry stone sculptures and fountains.

Historic Center

Shops Downtown Zacatecas

Zacatecas' Historic Center is the ideal attraction for people who wish to admire the colonial buildings and alleys, as well as for those wanting to take home a piece of the city. Discover in these narrow alleyways, lovely silver work, woven tapestries and saddlery. All handicrafts typical to this region can be found here.

Zacatecas Silver Center

Zacatecas Silver

There are many places in Zacatecas where you can buy silver items, mined locally from the region, with the Zacatecas Silver Center being one of the largest and most renowned. There is a wide variety of pieces that can be considered works of art, featuring intense detail, extraordinary beauty and the quality of Zacatecas' silver.

Guichito Candy Store

Shopping in Zacatecas

To walk around Zacatecas' streets looking for handcrafts, silver and other souvenirs is a very common activity. Venturing into Guichito Candy Store is undoubtedly an experience you cannot miss. Here you will find the most delicious and traditional candies from Zacatecas such as cocadas jerezanas (made with coconut and milk), melcochas (made from panela cheese and coconut) and charamuscas (milk candies which are made from melted, twisted brown or white sugar, usually with peanuts or coconut), guava and quince "ate" (candied fruit), as well as prickly pear cheese and honey. Take home an exquisite (and sweet) piece of Zacatecas with you.

Gonzalez Ortega Market

Shops in Zacatecas

The building that houses the Gonzalez Ortega Market has stunning neoclassical architecture and offers an extensive and varied shopping experience. It is located next to the Cathedral and was used as a farmers' market until 1982, when it was remodeled and adapted to become the upscale shopping mall that it is today. Gonzalez Ortega Market is home to a wide variety of stores and it is also one of the most important landmarks in this beautiful colonial city.

Portal de Rosales

Zacatecas Shopping

Throughout the years, this portico has been a silent witness to many historic battles and the gradual transformation of the historic downtown district of Zacatecas. Nowadays, the portico is a great place to go shopping and a popular gathering place for college students and intellectuals. An assortment of shops and goods are found here, ranging from exclusive fashion boutiques to casual cafes and bakeries. Book shops, art galleries and souvenir shops complete the shopping experience here.

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