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Restaurants in Zacatecas, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Zacatecas restaurants

The gastronomy in Zacatecas is a mixture of assorted flavors, aromas and spices that help to create the most exquisite dishes a palate can demand. A short walk through the local plazas is all you need to capture the ambience and delicious smell, typical to this area. From very ancient times, the inhabitants of this region had beans and corn as their main staple food. Ingredients that were also used to prepare "tamales" (corn dumplings), "atoles" (beverage made with corn meal and hot milk or water, normally of various flavors) and tortillas, perfect complements to other traditional food such as the "guajolotes" (a species of turkey called "Central American Ocellated Turkey") seasoned with chili and "quelites" (wild Mexican greens).

The list of dishes we find in Zacatecas continues with unique specialties, such as the exquisite "Asado de Bodas", a traditional dish usually served in regional weddings, prepared with chunks of pork meat. Its unique seasoning is obtained by adding a mixture of ingredients, such as chili fried in lard, spices such as cloves, pepper, cinnamon, laurel leaf, orange zest, toast, chocolate, sugar and salt. It is normally served hot with a portion of rice. Books can be written on the subject of Zacatecas' cuisine for the variety and the mind-boggling number of dishes.

In terms of drinks, besides the traditional mescal from Huitzila, Zacatecas is an excellent wine producing zone. This can provide for an interesting outing, for those wanting to enjoy a nice glass of wine.

La Cantera Musical

Restaurants in Zacatecas

This restaurant is considered a tradition in Zacatecas. It opened in 1991, offering visitors and residents mouth-watering Zacatecan specialties, such as the famous "Asado de Bodas" (pork chunks prepared with chili and spices), Malpaso pork and Zacatecan mole. The exquisite aroma of its regional dishes goes hand in hand with its rustic decoration and details, creating a folkloric Mexican atmosphere.

Las Costillas de Sancho

Restaurants in ZacatecasAfter a walk along the beautiful streets and alleys of the Historic Center, Las Costillas de Sancho is ideal if you are looking for the exquisite flavor of prime steaks and grilled ribs. Try them basted in any of the eight different kinds of barbeque sauce served here, including their signature prune sauce, which is an absolute must. If you are in the mood for a juicy steak or any other specialty from the grill, then stop by this renowned restaurant in Zacatecas.

Los Dorados de Villa

Restaurants in ZacatecasThis restaurant represents the wonderful ambience of Mexico, where its decoration can be admired, as well as the atmosphere, and of course its fine cuisine. Among its specialties, enjoy green pozole (hominy soup), enchiladas (tortillas bathed in different sauces, folded over pulled chicken) or choose from the varied menu that offers excellent choices from typical Mexican cuisine. Over the years, Los Dorados de Villa has become one of the most renowned restaurants in Zacatecas, due to the friendly, efficient service and long list of satisfied patrons.

La Garufa

Restaurants in Zacatecas

For people who love Argentinean style grilled beef, this is the place to visit. Enjoy the traditional and classic preparation of fine meat, as well as the Gaucho preparation style, that turned this restaurant in Zacatecas into a dining hot spot. La Garufa offers diners more than just delicious food and excellent service, it is surrounded by stunning colonial buildings and located right beside the beautiful Jardin Juarez.

Las Gorditas de Dona Julia

Restaurants in Zacatecas

You won't find anything more delicious and less expensive to eat in Zacatecas than Las Gorditas de Dona Julia. Gorditas are thick tortillas the size of your hand, cut in half and stuffed full with traditional fillings. Choose your favorite from Picadillo (ground beef), Tinga (onions and pulled chicken with a touch of chipotle), Chicharron (fried pork in a spicy sauce) or melted cheese, to name but a few. If you want more seasoning then add as much salsa as want, or that your stomach can handle. It's almost assured that with three of these beauties you'll be full, although if you are a good eater maybe you'll need five or six of them.

La Leyenda

Restaurants in Zacatecas

There are many things about La Leyenda that make it a unique place to eat. Originally a house, this restaurant has decor that can only be described as ''eclectic''. In one of the rooms there's a multitude of different items, such as handcrafted masks, puppets, and an ornate wooden wine rack full of locally produced wines. Another room has a large mural made out of hundreds of Venetian tiles on one wall, and on another the stucco has been removed in parts to expose the old adobe brickwork. According to the local people, this restaurant has so much good energy that the souls of the first inhabitants of Zacatecas also come and visit once in a while. Whether this is true or just a legend, these fabulous stories have made La Leyenda one of the most popular restaurants in the city, for locals and tourists alike.

La Traviata

Restaurants in Zacatecas

La Traviata's well-known specialty is its pastas. Atmosphere, along with excellent food, provide the elements for a wonderful evening. Let yourself be drawn to the aromas and exquisite flavors that the chef takes pride in preparing and enjoy your meal with a glass of wine.

Viva Mexico

Restaurants in ZacatecasTry the authentic Mexican cuisine of the Viva Mexico Restaurant, where all the dishes are perfectly seasoned to really excite your taste buds. You can also sample the 'home-style' flavors of Zacatecas' regional cuisine and traditional specialties, such as the 'Asado de Boda' (pork chops prepared with a special sauce), green or red Pozole (chickpeas and meat stew), tacos, steaks and soups. You have to try one of their 18 different kinds of "enchiladas" for a real taste sensation. The atmosphere and traditional decor will give you a wonderful insight into the magical flavors and colors of Mexico and the location, in one of the main colonial cities of the country, is simply outstanding.

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