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Nightlife in Zacatecas, Mexico: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Zacatecas nightlife

If Zacatecas is a beautiful place to admire by day, when the night falls, it boasts of an inviting nightlife. On this city's streets, you will find discotheques and bars as assorted as their concepts. That's why there's a perfect option for everyone, whether you're looking for a type of music or a certain budget range. Here, there is fun and entertainment for everybody. Everything from a traditional Callejonada or Tamborazo Zacatecano to bohemian bars, perfectly adapted in one of the several colonial buildings, and a fancy club located in an old mine, where you can dance the night away.

Tamborazo Zacatecano

Zacatecas NightlifeTo visit Zacatecas and not to live the peculiar experience of walking along its streets and alleys, accompanied by the folklore and traditional Banda music in the typical "Callejonas" or "Tamborazos Zacatecanos" would be unforgivable. During this traditional stroll, while the wind instruments and regional drums play La Marcha de Zacatecas (considered as a hymn of this destination), have a drink of mescal and be a part of this festivity.

Club Coronel

Nightlife ZacatecasThis place is considered by many young people as one of the best clubs in town. The weekends at Club Coronel offer evenings with friends, while music captivates the senses and gets the body moving. Freshen up with a drink from Club Coronel's assorted and well-stocked bar. Its atmosphere is relaxed, casual and features a great ambience.

El Chaparral Disco

Country Music ZacatecasThis is the perfect place for people who like "banda music" (polka music). Here you will find a truly amusing party ambience, a lot of fun and bands that will make the evening an unforgettable experience. So put on your boots and hat and visit El Chaparral Disco!

Las Quince Letras

Tavern in ZacatecasAt Las Quince Letras, the oldest tavern in town, find all the elements in place for a good time, accompanied by delicious snacks, refreshing drinks and party ambience that only this traditional saloon in Zacatecas can offer. Its colonial structure, along with its tables and bar's wooden finishings, make this place something that you definitely should not miss.



Discotheques ZacatecasWith an innovating and modern concept, this club is one of the most visited in Zacatecas. Its agreeable ambience and minimalist decor blends with its low lighting and DJ music, creating a truly extraordinary lounge atmosphere. Take your emotions to a new level with every decibel as you listen to live bands and popular acts. See for yourself why people choose Life for their clubbing option here in Zacatecas.

La Mina Club

Discoteca La Mina Club en ZacatecasYou could only find a place like this in Zacatecas. La Mina Club is a discotheque perfectly adapted to El Eden Mine. The lights that decorate this extraordinary bar, along with its original structure, create a very mystical ambience, ideal for a good time.


Nightclubs ZacatecasThisultra-modern nightclub offers the young-adult crowd an agreeable selection of dance music, from the 80s and 90s to the current Top 40. For its stylish premises, elite clientele and first-class ambience, this place has come to be known as one of the most fashionable nightclubs in Zacatecas. This is undoubtedly a great recommendation for hardcore partygoers.

Red Lounge

Lounge Bar ZacatecasHave an unforgettable evening, accompanied by soft music, exquisite drinks and a special bohemian ambience that will be etched into your memory forever. This bar is located in the downtown area, in a colonial style building, emphasizing the original concept of this cozy retreat, decorated in passion red.

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