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Shopping in Xalapa, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls


HandicraftsXalapa not only has attractions for those interested in its history: it also offers a great variety of shopping options, which include handicrafts and all sorts of items. There are also little alleyways nearby, filled with tradition, as well as modern infrastructure to boot. You can find malls with restaurants, cafes, boutiques, movie theaters and name-brand stores so don't forget to go by and buy your souvenirs. Probably the best gift to take home would be coffee from Coatepec, the land of coffee growers. Xico is also a famed coffee producing city where you can take advantage and pick up some mole as well. So go shopping in Xalapa and buy something unique, a special something to remind you of your trip to this marvelous city.

Animas Shopping Mall

Animas Shopping Mall, XalapaWith a movie theater, a wide range of boutiques, a spacious terrace and many banks, this mall provides a wealth of services in a pleasant setting. There are also wireless internet service and big screens for sport and special event transmissions.




Callejon del Diamante

Callejon del Diamante, XalapaAfter enjoying a delicious meal in Callejon del Diamante (literally "Alleyway of the Diamond"), take a look at all the handicrafts, made out of silver, leather or alpaca, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and other such items.





Coffee in Xalapa

Cafe ColonWhen you visit the center of the city, don't forget to buy a bag of delicious, freshly ground coffee. Some of the more traditional places to buy coffee of excellent quality are the Cafe Bola de Oro and the Cafe Colon, some of the more well-known brands in the region. These locales can be found on Primo Verdad Street and Carrillo Puerto.




Coatepec and Xico

xalapaThe best memento you can buy from these two lovely cities is, without a doubt, coffee, which can be bought toasted and ground or in chocolate-covered beans. You can smell the aroma of coffee all throughout downtown Coatepec, where you can find many shops that sell this exquisite product of excellent quality. You can also find Xico's own mole as well as its traditional fruit liqueur.



Galerias Popularte

Galerias PopularteIf you want to buy a beautiful souvenir of your visit to Xalapa, then this gallery is an excellent option, since you'll find handicrafts from all over Veracruz State. The handicrafts are all skillfully created by indigenous people who still live in this beautiful region. On offer are all kinds of interesting handicrafts, made using a variety of different techniques. Galerias Popularte functions with the support of the government, promoting the culture and handicrafts of the state.


Plaza Las Americas

Plaza de las Americas, XalapaThis is the biggest mall in the city and here you can find exclusive stores, boutiques, restaurants and movie theaters. There is a large terrace that's perfect for sitting a spell, enjoying a meal and people-watching. Plaza Las Americas can be found on the Xalapa-Veracruz Highway, right before arriving to Las Trancas.




Plaza Krystal

Plaza KrystalPlaza Krystal can be found on Lazaro Cardenas Avenue and was Xalapa's first mall. You can find a large variety of stores, boutiques and restaurants. This is ideal for a pleasant walk to visit the different stores though we can't guarantee that you will leave empty-handed.




Plaza Museo

Plaza MuseoAfter visiting and exploring the Museum of Anthropology, go to nearby Plaza Museo and take the time to enjoy a delicious meal, go to the movies, shopping or for a little walk, all in one place.





Pasaje Enriquez

Pasaje Enriquez, XalapaWhile exploring Xalapa's historic center, take some time out to go shopping. In Pasaje Enriquez, you can find book stores, shoe stores, boutiques, banks and other sort of establishments





Traditional Candies

Traditional CandiesThe nuns, of the order Adoratrices Perpetuas del Antiguo Convento del Calvario, make traditional handmade candies. These delicious candies, made of pumpkin seeds and molasses, are a work of art in themselves, since the nuns carefully craft them into all kinds of animal figures and flowers. You can buy these traditional candies in the convent located on Avenida 20 de Noviembre.




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