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Restaurants in Xalapa, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Chiles XalapenosIf you visit Xalapa, trying the food of the region is an absolute must. Influenced by surrounding towns and cities, flavors, aromas and savory condiments mix to create incredibly delicious dishes such as Chiles Xalapenos (chiles stuffed with tuna, cheese or beef) or the Chileatole de Pollo, which is a soup seasoned with Ancho chiles, epazote leaves and corn. There is also mole verde (a green sauce usually eaten with chicken or pork) or Pipian Rojo (a chicken dish with red sauce), Enfrijoladas (chicken-filled tortillas smothered in beans) and Pambazos (wheat bread rolls filled with chorizo and beans). You can also find places where they make Mole de Xico, made of many spices and herbs.

SweetsThe local sweets of the region are also a must, such as the jamoncillo (finely ground nuts or seeds, especially pumpkin, pine-nuts, or peanuts, prepared with milk and sugar, usually made into a brick) made by nuns in the shape of miniature fruits or fruits covered in piloncillo (chunks of unrefined brown sugar, often sold wrapped in corn husks and used as an alternate source to refined white sugar). The typical drink is coffee, produced in the area and considered one of the best in the world.

Asadero Cien

Asadero Cien, XalapaAsadero Cien offers exquisite Arracheras (a juicy cut of flank steak) and American cuts, all char-grilled. There are also a variety of fondues, molcajetes (a type of bowl used typically as a mortar to grind spices in and made of lava rock. It can also be used to serve salsas or food), tacos and the traditional grilled cheese with nopales, accompanied by hand-made corn or flour tortillas. Enjoy our food at any of our restaurants.


Cafe Bola de Oro

Cafe Bola de Oro, XalapaThis is a local favorite for Xalapenos, where you can spend an enjoyable moment over a cup of great coffee and some traditional dishes from the area. There are two locales, one in the city and the other in the Plaza Crystal Mall.




Cafe Chiquito

Cafe ChiquitoThis cafe is on Bravo Street in the center of Xalapa. It offers a varied menu of dishes and a wide selection of coffee for the discerning client. Come and visit round the clock and enjoy the appetizing dishes.





Cafe Don Justo

Cafe Don JustoLocated in Parque Juarez, in downtown Xalapa, Cafe Don Justo is the perfect place to go with friends or family to enjoy a cup of coffee from Veracruz and a delicious dessert. You can choose from a variety of coffees, both hot and cold, as well as several types of snacks, sandwiches, crepes and a variety of cold drinks. Cafe Don Justo has an indoor seating area and an outdoor terrace that offers lovely city views.



Cafe Lindo

xalapaIt is located in the center of the city and is an ideal place to enjoy a good chat and a steaming mug of coffee. After you've taken a turn around the city and all its attractions, this is a nice locale to top off the day.






CubaniasThis restaurant bar serves Cuban cuisine such as the traditional dish "Moros con Cristianos," as well as an extensive menu with baguettes, pizzas and delicious snacks. Enjoy famous Cuban drinks like the typical "Mojito" or the "Cuba Libre." Cubanias is located in the Gonzalez Aparicio Alley, a bohemian place and one of the hottest spots for the people of Xalapa to meet.



Churreria del Recuerdo

Churreria del RecuerdoExcellent locale to crunch on some delicious churros (deep-fried dough sticks sprinkled with sugar) accompanied with hot chocolate. This cozy locale offers traditional Mexican dishes such as tamales (cooked corn meal and lard mix, with either meat or fruit, wrapped in a corn husk or banana leaf), gorditas (a corn meal-lard patty with either a bean or meat filling), tostadas (crisp corn meal disks that usually are smothered with beans and dressed with cheese, cream and lettuce) and enchiladas (tortillas stuffed with chicken, bathed in either red or green sauce or mole).

Del Tingo al Tango

Del tingo al Tango, XalapaThis restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy excellent and juicy cuts of great varieties of Argentinean cuisine, accompanied by the best wines. Del Tingo al Tango is the best alternative for great food to whet your appetite.





Coffee Rock

Restaurants in XalapaThis restaurant has a unique concept for the city of Xalapa, featuring delicious cuisine, a great range of coffees and a fun, vibrant atmosphere. With its lively retro style decor, that includes all kinds of eye-catching details, Coffee Rock really is a different kind of restaurant.

Based around the trends of the 1960s, Coffee Rock is the perfect place to enjoy a fresh salad, a delicious baguette, pasta and more. With regards to beverages, they have frappes, cappuccinos, smoothies and even a traditional soda fountain. Come and have a wonderful time enjoying the wide variety of dishes and live music at this famous restaurant, located on Avenida Murillo Vidal.

El Campanario de Xico

El Campanario de XicoThis is a famous restaurant located in Xico that has a new branch in Xalapa. Try delicious traditional dishes accompanied by hand made tortillas or the typical dish "enchiladas de nata" (tortillas stuffed with chicken or ground beef). Enjoy delicious sauces prepared with the seasoning of regional cuisine. Don't miss out on a chance to enjoy a cup of coffee and the excellent pastries made in Xico.



Fogon do Brasil

Fogon Do BrasilIf you like Brazilian food, Fogon do Brasil is an excellent option to enjoy a great variety of tempting fine cuts. Try traditional cuisine from Brazil and savor the exquisite buffet with different fine cuts accompanied by delicious and innovative salads prepared with fresh ingredients.




Il Postodoro

xalapaIf you love Italian food, visit the Il Postodoro. We provide a culinary experience where you can enjoy flavors and aromas of Italy through a tasty array of dishes. At whatever hour of the day, morning, noon or night, Postodoro offers a large variety of dishes to whet your appetite.




La Casa de Mama

La Casa de Mama, XalapaThis is a restaurant of great tradition in the city of Xalapa and is highly recommendable to enjoy great international food in a comfortable atmosphere and great service.




Las Crepas de Paulette

Las Crepas de PauletteExperience the flavors of France at this delightful restaurant, where the recipes of Grandmother Paulette have inspired her grandchildren, the owners of this restaurant, to share them with all their guests. Here you'll find savory and sweet crepes, delicious baguettes, salads and an excellent selection of wines to accompany your lunch or dinner at this 100% French-style eatery. During your next visit to the beautiful city of Xalapa, stop by this magnificent restaurant which already has branches in the major commercial areas of the city.


La Estancia de los Tecajetes

La Estancia de los TecajetesLa Estancia de los Tecajetes is located in Avila Camacho, an important avenue in the city of Xalapa. It is a famous restaurant where delicious regional and international dishes can be savored. Enjoy a succulent breakfast, lunch or dinner with the family while admiring the awesome view of the Tecajetes Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Xalapa.




La Fonda

La FondaThis prestigious restaurant in Xalapa serves delicious regional cuisine in a completely Mexican atmosphere. Handicrafts, clay casseroles and colorful Mexican tissue paper cuttings decorate the restaurant. Enjoy good service at La Fonda Restaurant, located downtown in El Callejon del Diamante.




La Sopa

xalapaThis restaurant is located in the famous Callejon del Diamante, built solely for students. It is a hot spot with Xalapenos and visitors alike, where you can savor traditional homemade Mexican food or international fare.





Shintai Nippon Steakhouse

Shintai Nippon SteakhouseServing Japanese cuisine, this restaurant offers unique dishes, excellent service and charming decor, creating the perfect atmosphere for a delicious meal. Shintai Nippon Steakhouse features a creative and nutritious menu with high quality ingredients that are skillfully prepared to provide you with an exceptional dining experience.





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