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Nightlife in Xalapa, Mexico: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

xalapaXalapa has a varied nightlife for all tastes and fancies. There is everything that ranges from a laid-back atmosphere, a night at the theater, to a concert with the Xalapa Symphony or an art exhibit. The evenings are great for a private chat in one of the many cafes. If you prefer something a little more intense, there are bars and nightclubs for some dancing and a good time. In all, there are an endless number of places where you can enjoy the nights of Xalapa.


Bar Rio Latino

Rio Latino

Come and get a feel for this bar which is located in one of the best areas of the city, about four miles down the Xalapa-Veracruz Highway. Bar Rio Latino is divided up in two levels, has two bar areas, a big screen and a VIP area. Here, you'll find good dance music, live bands and a really good time.




Boulevard 93

Boulevard 93, XalapaIf you want to dance the night away, you can find excellent music and a great atmosphere. Here you can find DJs mixing your favorite music with pop, dance, retro and even tropical beats. Boulevard 93 has 30 plasma screens, showing the latest videos. It's located in the center of the city, on Avila Camacho Avenue.




Ibiza Club

Ibiza ClubHave an incredible night out in this very lively club that features plasma screens, lights, lasers and performances by acrobats and dancers. Ibiza Club has contemporary decor and the DJs always spin a great selection of music. The club is located on Avila Camacho Avenue and it's a fantastic option if you want to party the night away, while in Xalapa.




La Bartola VIP

xalapaA local favorite of the Xalapenos, where you can enjoy live rock music, DJs mixing beats and a party feel. Enjoy a great atmosphere and fabulous music, all in this club, located in front of the Tecajetes.





La Opera

La OperaThis is a new and innovative nightclub that has spectacular laser shows and plasma screens projecting the latest, hottest music videos. La Opera is the perfect spot to have fun, while the best DJs mix a good selection of hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Contemporary, funky decor, a friendly yet fashionable clientele, and performances by acrobats and dancers, all blends together ensuring you'll have night to remember at La Opera!


Liquido Club

Liquido ClubLocated on Avila Camacho Avenue, in front of Boulevard 93, Liquido Club has the best in modern technology, lights, space and a dance floor with laser show. When you come, expect to have a great time and a non-stop party atmosphere.




Mandarín Litros

Mandarin LitrosSome of the reasons why you should visit Mandarin Litros is for its music, live groups, friendly people, comfy sofas and plasmas screens so that you can watch videos or a game. All your drinks are served by the liter in an atmosphere that is spiked with fun. It's in a great location so come down and have a good time!


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