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Washington, D.C. Nightlife

When the sun goes down, the US capital reveals a wild personality, a bit different from the eternal formality linked to the fact that "The District" is the political heart of the nation. The local executives, along with the horde of tourists, become enthusiasts of the nighttime activities in Washington, D.C. attracted by a wide array of places, rhythms and forums for entertaining evenings. Whether socializing conservatively, admiring the city's illuminated skyline (better to do with a glass of wine and good company), or tearing up the dance floor, don't miss out on the chance of going out and enjoying the fabulous nightlife in Washington, D.C.



Washington, D.C. Nightlife

National Opera at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

The Washington National Opera and its internationally known director, Placido Domingo, invite you to treat your senses to the majestic productions of classic pieces that are continuously being presented in the fantastic John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, located on the shore of the Potomac River. A couple of cocktails before or after the show will make your night even better so hobnob with the cluster of celebrities that are frequently seen around these premises.


Washington, D.C. Nightlife

Dinner Cruises

Several cruises set sail every evening from the piers on the bank of the Potomac River, offering incredible views of the evening city skyline of Washington, D.C. and its magnificent monuments. As the night falls, romantic music livens up the experience and an exquisite dinner is an added touch to the ride down the calm waters of the Potomac.

Washington, D.C. Nightlife

Lotus Lounge

Lotus is a contemporary bar with a high level of sophistication. You'll be welcomed here by neon-lit walls and lounge music played at a conversation-friendly volume, as well as excellent service, the perfect site for those suits and ties that come in from work on a daily basis. The successful executives and the young entrepreneurs of D.C. meet in this place to talk about the relevant events of the week, in a classy atmosphere.

Washington, D.C. Nightlife

Boomerang Party Bus

This is a great option for party animals. Boomerang Party Buses take people on a tour around the main streets of Washington, D.C., stopping at the city's essential attractions. During the trip, music and booze are present, and it's a chance to meet people who are also eager to paint the town red. If all that wasn't enough, for the same price you have immediate access to the most fashionable clubs in town.

Washington, D.C. Nightlife


Dance, Electronic and Progressive are the rhythms that define the ambience of this night spot and make it attractive to its numerable clientele. Hot DJ mixes and a large dance floor are waiting for you in this avant-garde club that ignites the weekend nights in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. Nightlife

Howl at the Moon

What's better than one piano player? Two piano players in a rock and roll duel! The proud home to the World's Greatest Rock n' Roll Dueling Piano welcomes everyone that enjoys live music with the intensity of a crowded concert. Encouraged by the howling clientele, entertainers on stage deliver a great show of frenetic music to an enthusiastic audience.

Washington, D.C. Nightlife

Ibiza Nightclub

Ibiza's Euronights are a must for the partygoers in Washington, D.C. These are magnificent examples of the avant-garde electronic music played in the best dance clubs all over Europe, brought by DJs who share their mixing prowess using cutting-edge technology with for those who like to move their bodies in the US capital.

Washington, D.C. Nightlife


Lima has different themes on different days of the week, in order to accommodate its clientele's tastes. This nightclub features College nights, Young Executives' nights and also a 30-something night. Here, people dress to impress, since this is the favorite meeting place of the chic socialites of The District.

Washington, D.C. Nightlife


In Midtown, the poles are used by the clientele. With ultra-modern decor, almost no furniture and neon lights in the wall, this cozy place encourages many to liberate their stress and let off a little steam. Dance to the hot fashionable rhythms and show off a step or two on the shiny metal poles.

Washington, D.C. Nightlife

Tattoo Bar

This bar is an excellent option for those who have Harley-Davidson tattooed over the heart. This bar's rock 'n' roll decor can get the heart of those who have an intrepid soul racing. It's as if you've just stepped into an elegant version of a Harley-Davidson workshop. With an impeccable bar, gigantic plasma screens projecting music video clips and its exclusive personality, this place is waiting for you so that you can see a different side of the D.C.'s vibrant nightlife.

Washington, D.C. Nightlife


Ultrabar is the favorite weekend spot for those who like to dance to House, the Top 40 and hot mixes of Hip-Hop, Reggaeton and Electronic music. Shiny smiles and the implicit fashion parade add brightness to the great light and sound show that has given reputation to this place, voted "the best bet for dance floor action in D.C.", by distinguished local critics.

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