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Welcome to Vitoria

Surrounded by small islands, in the Southeast of Brazil, the coastal city of Vitoria was officially founded in 1551, which makes it the third oldest city in the country. Today the capital of Espirito Santo is known by many names, such as "Honey Island" and "Cradle City", due to its beauty and location, at the point where two rivers meet. This island-city has one of the busiest ports in the country, and most of the produce of Espiritu Santo and its neighboring states passes through here.

With an abundance of gardens, parks, mangroves, and protected areas, Vitoria is widely regarded as the greenest city in the state. It is also blessed with stunning beaches, such as Camburi, Canto, and La Curva da Jurema, as well as Frade Island and Praia da Castanheira, where the chestnut and palm trees provide shade from the hot sun.

Spectacular Views

Welcome to Vitoria

People who are lucky enough to arrive by plane to this archipelago will be able to enjoy a truly spectacular view. From up high you can see the striking mountains, beautiful beaches and the impressive bridges that connect them. The city was originally settled in the mountains, with the area that is now known as Cidade Alta (High City) as its center, but over the years it has grown and now incorporates Cidade Baixa (Lower City), which is the financial and business center. The two are connected by impressive flights of steps, or "escadarias", the most famous of which is the "Escadaria da Maria Ortiz".


Port of Vitoria

Due to the large ports of Vitoria and Tubarao, the main types of tourism in the city are for business travel and events, attracting engineers, executives, and researchers. The city has a great selection of modern hotels, most of which offer stunning ocean views, as well as all the necessary facilities for a very productive stay. There are a variety of entertainment options here, both outside in the fresh air and inside Vitoria's historic buildings. One thing that's definitely worth doing is taking a stroll around the city center, where you'll be able to see how the past blends seamlessly with present day Vitoria.

Fishing in Vitoria

One of Vitoria's biggest draws is the many water sports available. The city has excellent facilities for people who love sport fishing, which has led to it earning the nickname "The Marlin Capital". Two world records for marlin fishing have already been won here, and it's easy to see why when you look at the city's excellent infrastructure for water sports and fishing competitions.

Projeto Visitar

Ruta do Sol

Vitoria provides an excellent service for tourists, called Projeto Visitar, which helps visitors to get a good understanding of the history and architecture of the area. They organize very informative tours, such as "Rutas do Sol" and "la Moqueca", which start from Vitoria and head to the south of the state. You can also take a fascinating journey on a train that runs from the town of Cariacica, in the greater metropolitan area of Vitoria, to Belo Horizonte. During your time here you have to visit some of the region's chapels, where you'll find a variety of carved wooden relics, such as the "Tela de la Nossa Senhora das Alegrias" from the 16th Century, which is located in the famous Penha Convent.


Architecture in Vitoria

Vitoria has lots of beautiful historic architecture, including palaces, churches, sanctuaries, and mansions, some of which are over 450 years old. Blending in with the spectacular surroundings, most of these buildings are considered an important part of Brazilian history, and are unique examples of the colonial architectural designs used by Brazil's early European settlers.

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