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Restaurants in Vina del Mar, Chile: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Vina del Mar, Chile

Chilean cuisine is one of the most varied in South America. It is a result of a combination of Spanish cuisine and influences from indigenous cultures, such as the Inca and Malpuche. This interesting mix of ingredients and cooking styles has been used to create many of Chile's most traditional dishes, which have later been adapted in the various regions of the country to combine the local ingredients as well. A clear example is the cuisine of Vina del Mar, where delicious traditional dishes are mainly prepared with corn, potatoes and beans.

While visiting the area you must try the cuisine of Vina del Mar and discover the unique flavors of the many original dishes created here. There are lots of places to eat that are popular with locals as well as tourists who want to discover the culinary richness of this wonderful city.

Typical Dishes

Restaurants in Vina del Mar, Chile

Due to the fertile waters off its coast, Vina del Mar is famous for its delectable fish and seafood dishes. "Mariscal" is a typical soup made of clams and shrimps, which are then seasoned with parsley, garlic and onion. "Caldillo de Congrio" is a fish soup made using cream, garlic, bay leaves, pepper and onions.

Restaurants in Vina del Mar

Other typical dishes are meat empanadas, "Porotos Granados" (a bean soup made with corn and zucchini) and "Humitas" (a kind of tamale). "Pastel de Choclo", another delicacy, is a dish prepared with ground corn, basil and grilled chicken. Local people also enjoy grilling and making "Las Cazuelas", another famous dish of Vina del Mar, which is a soup made of meat, beans and vegetables.

Restaurants in Vina del Mar

Chilean wines, famous around the world because of their exceptional quality, are the perfect accompaniment for the wide variety of dishes on offer here. Chilean Pisco, often used to make cocktails, is a kind of liquor made of grapes. The "Pisco Sour", made with lemon juice, or the "Piscola", prepared with cola, are just two of the famous drinks the people from Vina del Mar like to enjoy.

Where to Dine

Restaurants in Vina del Mar, Chile

There are many places to enjoy a delicious meal in Vina del Mar, ranging from traditional eateries to fine dining establishments. One of the best areas in the city to go for a meal is Renaca, where you can find an excellent selection of restaurants catering to all tastes and budgets. Vina del Mar has plenty of international specialty restaurants, serving Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, and Japanese cuisines. There are also lots of fast food street carts if you want to grab a quick bite to eat.

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