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Welcome to Vina del Mar

Famous for its renowned Festival Internacional de la Cancion de Vina del Mar (Vina del Mar International Song Festival), this beach destination is one of the most exclusive in the country of Chile. It features well-known festivals along with a diversity of beautiful parks, plazas, extensive green areas, famous beaches, enlightening museums and amazing historic buildings, not to mention its great subtropical climate.

Vina del Mar is considered the "Tourist Capital of Chile", drawing in impressive amounts of Chilean tourists as well as visitors from other countries. Vina del Mar is a destination that offers fun, culture, entertainment, art and beautiful natural surroundings, all waiting to be explored by adventurous tourists in search of a place that brings together everything they need for a vibrant and exciting vacation.


Welcome to Vina del Mar

This city is located in the Chilean province of Valparaiso, just six miles from the city of Valparaiso, the country's most important port, and 75 miles from Santiago de Chile. "The Garden City", as Vina del Mar is often called due to its extensive parks and natural areas, is made up of various neighborhoods, each with its own attractions and unique characteristics that make them truly incomparable.

Welcome to Vina del Mar

Vina del Mar has very peculiar architecture, featuring large, modern buildings along with residential areas along the city's coastal neighborhoods. In contrast with the immense modern constructions, Vina del Mar also has various old buildings with great historic value along with majestic castles that serve as a living testimony to the city's golden age.

Viña del Mar

The economy of Vina del Mar is based mainly on tourist activity, and this destination offers a large hotel infrastructure. Considered the tourist capital of Chile, it's also one of the best cities for business. Some of the city's most standout economic activities include the chemical-pharmaceutical product industry, fabrics and textiles, and the fabrication of domestic appliances.

Why You Should Visit Vina del Mar

Welcome to Vina del Mar

The beaches of Vina del Mar hold great importance in this city because they draw in summer vacationers as well as weekenders, including locals along with inhabitants of Santiago de Chile and other parts of the country. The local beaches are the most visited in all Chile, and the neighborhood of Renaca brings in the highest amount of visitors due to the impressive beauty of its shores.

Welcome to Vina del Mar

This exclusive destination's urban landscape is also worth checking out. The city is ideal not only for lying out on the gorgeous beaches, but also for exploring its plazas, gardens, monuments, historic sites, museums and casinos.

Some other reasons for Vina del Mar's popularity as a tourist destination include its great climate, featuring warm summers without getting too hot, along with temperate winters. The rainy season takes place from April through August (the city's winter months). Due to the agreeable weather in the area, Vina del Mar is also a destination filled with lush vegetation, including many colorful flowers and a wide diversity of beautiful, vibrant plants and trees.

Important Festivals in Vina del Mar

Welcome to Vina del Mar

Every year during the month of February, the Festival de la Cancion de Vina del Mar is held, considered one of the most important festivals in Latin America. Various internationally recognized artists take part in this musical competition each year. It takes place on the stage of Quinta Vergara and is considered to be the highlight of Chile's music scene.

Another large event that's held in this city is the famous Festival Internacional de Cine de Vina del Mar (Vina del Mar International Film Festival), a showcase of films from countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. It features more than 300 films each year, shown in the Teatro Municipal and in various movie theaters.

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