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Shopping in Veracruz Port, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Veracruz

A stroll through the streets of downtown Veracruz could end up being an interesting shopping adventure. Whether they are souvenirs or everyday objects, shops at the Mercado Hidalgo, Mercado Orizaba and Plaza Acuario have a great variety of products and most of them made in the vicinity.

Compras-Portales de VeracruzAmong the handcrafts that you can find there are waist loom-woven textiles, cross stitched embroidery, crochet work, blown glass; toys, tools and hats made out of palm leaf; coconut, seashell and conch crafts and wickerwork furniture. If you stay by the plaza at night after a spell of danzon (a couple's dance, popular in the Caribbean), you will find the place turns into a huge souvenir market where the best buy will probably be a fan.

If you wish, however, to expand your wardrobe, you'll find the best department stores available in Mexico in many of the modern malls, with internationally renowned brands, in the Port as well as in Boca del Rio area.

Plaza Acuario

Plaza AcuarioWhen you finish your visit to the city aquarium, you can continue your adventure in this mall where you will find a wax museum, a totally functional scaled-down city for kids called Portal de los Ninos and an ample selection of the best handcrafts of Veracruz.


Handcrafts Market

Shopping - Plaza de las ArtesaníasIf you don't feel like going back home with just a t-shirt as your only souvenir, at the handcrafts market you will find an eclectic assortment from hand fans, Barbie dolls turned into mermaids decorated with shells, ashtrays and adorned feathers with ocean motifs, small wooden ships, necklaces and other crafts made of wooden and shells. Your best bet for original souvenirs.

Las Americas Shopping Mall

Las Americas Shopping MallPlaza Las Americas in Veracruz is connected to Puerta del Sol Hotel and features top quality department stores, avant-garde boutiques and a food court. Its modern installations are air conditioned and beautifully decorated to provide you with a comfortable shopping experience.


Mocambo Shopping Mall

Mocambo Shopping Mall

The oldest mall in Veracruz is located in the south of the city. It is fully air conditioned and sells all the popular brands, both local and national.

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