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The history of a city can be seen in its architecture but Veracruz in particular reveals her history through her local cuisine. Veracruz shares with the rest of Mexico the indigenous presence in most of its dishes but the Mediterranean and African influences are more evident here than anywhere else in the country.

Even though the menu is composed basically of seafood, meat and vegetables, at any given point, it is able to surprise locals as much as foreigners with an array of the most diverse dishes. Among renowned agricultural produce from Veracruz there is coffee, vanilla, sugar cane, rice and the world famous Jalapeno chili pepper.

Maybe the most famous of its dishes is Red Snapper a la Veracruzana, consisting of a filet or a whole fish, covered with a delicious garnishing sauce that anything dressed in it is immediately considered 'Veracruz Style'. This sauce came from northern Spain in one of many waves of immigration. Chiles, oregano and cinnamon are also added.

Other delicacies include shrimp, crab or seafood Chilpachole (spicy soup), Tumbada rice (Veracruz-style with seafood), Picadas (flat tortilla bowls with sauce, meat, onion and grated cheese), Jarocho Tamales (steam-baked cornmeal patties wrapped in corn husks with different stuffings), Huasteco Adobo (pork in spicy sauce) and the mysterious Carne de Chango from Catemaco (it literally translates to "monkey meat"; popular belief is that it is monkey meat but it's really smoked pork). You can find an ample offer of food from all over, as well as the most popular fast food franchises.

Las Barricas

A truly Jarocho ambience can be experienced in this restaurant, where you get an assortment of typical food from Veracruz and a beer on the side. The ambience is livened up by a live band and friendly service.

Cafe de La Parroquia

Cafe de La Parroquia

Famous political, intellectuals, and religious personalities as well as artists, have all come to this corner restaurant for over a century, where the milk coffee known as "cafe lechero" was invented. You can hear the classic tinkling of the spoons (sound to call a waiter to the table), taste a careful selection of foods, sweet bread and the sweet-scented coffee that comes from a secret formula. Now, a third generation proudly takes care of this unique tradition that has become part of Veracruz.

"Güero, Güero" Ice Cream

Nieves güero, güero - VeracruzWhen this ongoing, almost chanting, shout is heard on the street "Pasele guero, guera, guero, guera" (which roughly translates as "This way Blondie!"), then that's the indication you have finally arrived to the traditional ice cream shops of Gutierrez Zamora street. There you'll find the most unimaginable ice cream flavors like the jobo ice cream (yellow plum) or nanche (a small golden tropical fruit) to complement the warm evenings in Veracruz.

El Cacharrito

Today the best meats in Veracruz are served here in the traditional Argentinean style. Informal colonial decor and personal attention make of this restaurant a perfect place for a family dinner.

Il Veneziano

Il VenezianoWith beautiful ocean views and a cozy family atmosphere, Il Veneziano is a great place to enjoy fine Italian cuisine in Boca del Rio, Veracruz. This excellent restaurant offers delicious dishes that are made using fresh, high quality ingredients, many of which are imported from Italy, and features the classic flavors of authentic Italian cuisine. It also offers traditional handmade wood-fired pizzas, exquisite Mediterranean specialties, a selection of organic cheeses, and an extensive wine list.

La Mera Madre

Restaurants in VeracruzOn the coast of Veracruz, the concept of La Mera Madre was born to accommodate the market, for both tourists and locals alike, that needed a quality restaurant. It offers innovative dishes of traditional and international cuisine as well as top notch installations and service, all this with the backdrop of carefully chosen decor. Its spectacular facade features the bow of a ship protruding into the street. At La Mera Madre, there's flavor on board.

Mariscos Ochoa

Restaurants in VeracruzMariscos Ochoa is a restaurant with more than 20 years of experience, curbing the cravings of many a discerning palate, with exclusive and exquisite recipes that maintain it as a favorite among locals and tourists alike. There is live music in its air conditioned hall, which can seat up to 120 people.

Palapa Iguana

Palapa IguanaDelight your palate at this simple and delicious restaurant where local Veracruz cuisine is the specialty, fresh fish and seafood being the main dishes, served in either the open air palapa (open-sided, thatched-roofed structure) restaurant or right on the beach, underneath an umbrella. Find out why the "Palapa Iguana" is the ideal place to learn more about "jarocho" cuisine, at very modest prices.

Restaurante Fusion

Restaurante FusiónEnjoy an intimate dining experience and exquisite Mexican cuisine at this restaurant. Located in the port area of Veracruz, here they blend authentic Mexican recipes with innovative new flavors, creating tempting dishes that you’re sure to love. The traditional atmosphere and decor at this restaurant offers a striking contrast to the stunning contemporary presentation of the excellent dishes.


SamborsitoIf you are craving Mexican food, like the tasty "garnachas", Samborsito is definitely the place for you. Founded over 35 years ago, the main draw at this typical Veracruz restaurant is the offering of unique dishes like "picadas verdes" and "gordas negras" ("Picadas Verdes" are miniature flat, fried, corn-dough bowls filled with sauces and topped with cheese and garnishes depending on the region. Gordas Negras are thick puffed up tortillas mixed with beans during preparation). What a wonderful experience!

La Viuda

restaurants in Veracruz

This famous, unassuming restaurant in Alvarado has a lively coastal ambience, serving its delicious dishes to high-ranking politicians as well as to local villagers. Here you can come to eat, drink and spend a good time listening to Jarocho music. We guarantee you will leave, just itching to come back.

Mariscos Villa Rica

Villa Rica, VeracruzThe Villa Rica restaurant, including its three branches, is a respectable place where the years pointed it out as the best place to satisfy your cravings. We recommend trying the "ceviche" and "callo de hacha" ("ceviche" is a cocktail of raw fish marinated in lime and mixed with various ingredients while "callo de hacha" is scallops prepared in the same fashion) which are served here. You can also try typical dishes from Veracruz like the chilpachole (spicy soup) or the minilla alvaradena (cooked fish with tomatoes and chilis). For dessert, even though it isn't all that typical, try the corn cake with coconut ice cream.



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