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Nightlife in Veracruz Port, Mexico: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife, Veracruz

In Veracruz, life is a celebration and the night starts elegantly at the rhythm of the passionate "danzon" (a typical dance of the Caribbean characterized for its simple sensuality). The music is played by live bands in the town square on cool Port nights. Outgoing Jarochos show off their rhythm and their best outfits while curious pedestrians start gathering around the plaza to enjoy the spectacle, sip a cup of good hot coffee cup and chat with friends.

Danzon, VeracruzOn the outskirts of the city, Jarocho son music livens up the fandangos of Sotavento. Fandangos are popular religious celebrations where the crowd improvises mass, with foot tapping on wooden floorboards. Fandangos can last from 30 minutes to a whole night depending on the mood of the attendees and the number of verses the singers want to sing.

"Que bonita es la bamba, que bonita es la bamba en la madrugada 
cuando todos la bailan, cuando todos la bailan en la enramada..."
("How beautiful is la bamba, how beautiful is la bamba early in the morning
when everybody dances, when everybody dances out by the forest...".

Excerpt from the famous tune, La Bamba

Tren del Recuerdo, VeracruzIf watching people makes you want to dance, music options are limitless. There is salsa, reggae, electronic, house, rock, 70's and 80's, live bands and Latin blues. In a nutshell, there is pretty much something for everyone. The Port lends itself to the experience of local flavor, in terms of bars, whereas the trendy, upscale ones are in the Boca del Rio area.

Even when the party scene in Veracruz reaches its peak around the carnival days, nightlife is exhilarating all year round, especially when you top it off with a beautiful sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico.

Bar and club popularity changes rapidly in Veracruz therefore we recommend asking for advice from your concierge or front desk personnel.

Cocoo's and Beers

Cocoo's and BeersThis unique retro-styled place is located in Boca del Rio, designed to let everyone chat the whole night with their buddies while enjoying a "yard" of really cold beer, listening to famous 'nortenas' (music from the north of Mexico) and tropical-styled songs and running the gamut from rock and pop to very trendy reggaeton. Don't forget to try the tasty dishes like the hamburgers and the flautas (long corn tortillas rolls filled with beef or chicken). All of them prepared with a special house recipe that adds an incomparable taste.

Classico del Puerto Disco Boutique

What do you feel like doing tonight? What do you feel like listening to? Salsa? Tropical music? Classico del Puerto Disco Boutique has what you're looking for but you'll need to be well-rested because partying till the wee hours of the morning is guaranteed. The tropical shows are mind-blowing, full of glamour and enjoyment. Come by and be part of the frenzy because you'll surely spend one of the most exciting nights of your life here.

La Bartola

La BartolaThis club is a hip, fashionable place full of entertainment where all young 'portenos' (people from the port of Veracruz) gather together for a little dancing and a good time. If you're going for a drink, the circular bar area in the middle of the floor is one of the interesting aspects of the place. Don't miss the opportunity and have a blast with the 'Jarochos' (word used to refer to a person from Veracruz) at this excellent stylish nightclub!

La Casona de la Condesa

La Casona de la CondesaThis peculiar place located in Boca del Rio is the meeting place for all the chic of the port of Veracruz. The interior design imitates an old warehouse and is the ideal place to sing along and dance the night away. With live music, meeting new people, listening to the latest electronic music, you can also contemplate contemporary art exhibitions that are displayed here. One interesting point about this place is the promotion and support given to the local bands that demonstrate musical skills, worthy of turning them famous later on. The amazing atmosphere of this place is the reason why all Jarochos are talking about La Casona de la Condesa.

Los 7 Pecados (The Seven Deadly Sins)

La Casona de la CondesaThis video bar is a pleasant little place that offers an enormous bar, always ready to quench the thirst of all sinners that approach. It features an amazing terrace with a view of the seawall area as well as a variety of promos all throughout the week, so you can attack one sin for every day of the week. Penance served would be well worthwhile.

Il Davide

Il Davide, VeracruzFor all of those searching for the cosmopolitan scene right in the port of Veracruz, how about a bar that offers a lounge-styled atmosphere? Il Davide features a frosted glass bar with intermittent colors that switch constantly. Don't buy that ticket to New York! Spend your time here, where martinis are the house specialties.

Bar-Rio Antiguo

Even when the music tends to be eclectic, electronic, house and techno are first class here, offering even a DJ show. The crowd is usually under 25 but the ambience is about the best around.

Moon Bar

This is probably the most chic place in Veracruz these days, located in an ample Californian-style house, by the beach, in Boca del Rio. The music is mainly 70's and 80's and the crowd is over 25.

Pure Veracruz

Il Davide, VeracruzThis ultra cool club is a great place to enjoy a few drinks with friends and dance the night away to music mixed by the hottest DJs. Pure nightclubs are already well known and incredibly popular in Mexico's top tourist destinations, and the newest addition Pure Veracruz definitely continues this trend. Whether you visit Pure in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Veracruz they all have the same incredible atmosphere and are always full of the city's coolest party people looking for a fun night out and a 'red hot' dance floor.

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