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Restaurants in Veracruz State, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in the state of Veracruz

Veracruz gastronomy takes you back to the beginning of the 'mestizaje', the mixing of races that took place in Mexico, which was not solely a blend of people, but of their cultures, customs and cuisine as well. Old World and New World flavors, ingredients and styles merged resulting in today's rich and unique cuisine.

Veracruz gastronomyYou can sample a variety of tasty dishes throughout the state, however two things you simply have to try are a traditional cup of coffee and the famous "Fish Veracruzana" in the harbor area. In Boca del Rio, right next to the harbor, you can find a whole host of international cuisine served in the many elegant restaurants. In Xalapa, the capital of the state, you can eat delicious stuffed Veracruz cuisinejalapeno peppers, 'chileatole', a rich and creamy chicken stew thickened with corn dough and they have great coffee as well. Don't forget to say 'salud', when you toast with a shot of tequila down here.

Catemaco boasts some of the best regional specialties served in the many restaurants and coffee shops throughout the city. The restaurants use the freshest local ingredients, such as fresh water fish from the lakes in the area. Poza Rica features several good independent restaurants as well as franchises. The same applies to Coatzacoalcos, where most of the traditional dishes are based around fish and seafood. Coatepec is also worth visiting for the wonderful ice cream and sherbets, and finally, Xico is an important producer of coffee, mole and fine wines. If you visit Veracruz, you have to try the famous 'picadas', the most traditional appetizer in the state.

La Casita

Catemaco RestaurantsLocated just four blocks from the Main Square in Catemaco, La Casita has a casual and relaxed atmosphere and is locally acclaimed for its authentic regional cuisine. They serve exceptional food, such as the renowned 'arroz a la tumbada', rice with seafood, as well as traditional 'picaditas' with meat, chopped onion, grilled cheese and chili sauce. You can also find fresh seafood and the house specialty, charbroiled sea bream in Tachagovi, a sauce made with garlic, tomato juice and seasoned with aromatic spices. Homemade flavors, great breakfasts and affordable prices are this restaurant's highlights.

La Finca

Dining in CatemacoLa Finca Restaurant is located on the Gulf Highway, on the premises of a large hotel of the same name. It has a pleasant ambiance, attentive service, and a varied menu with a nice selection of regional and international specialties, which you can pair with their fine selection of wines. The restaurant's gourmet cuisine is complemented by their spectacular view of Lake Catemaco.


This Catemaco restaurant, located in the city center is a great choice for the local catch of the day. It's an open air restaurant in a natural setting shaded by marvelous palapas, where you can savor tasty specialties such as lobster and shrimp served on hard tortillas, and their mariposa shrimp steak comes highly recommended. Accompany your meal with a refreshing tropical beverage and enjoy!

La Higuera

Restaurants in the state of VeracruzLocated directly across from the entryway to the Tajin archaeological site and near the towns of Papantla and Poza Rica is La Higuera Restaurant, featuring a casual family ambiance and a kid's playground. The house specialty is different types of "Mole", but they also make wonderful tamales, rabbit jerky, and they have an extensive drinks menu. The restaurant is a favorite with locals and tourists alike and they have another restaurant in the city of Poza Rica as well, so if you happen to be here on business, dine at La Higuera and enjoy their fantastic cuisine.

La Jaiba de Oro

This restaurant is known for its superb seafood, which is some of the best in Poza Rica. La Jaiba de Oro is locally acclaimed for its quality and great flavors and they have several branches throughout town, including one downtown and another one in Plaza Cristal. So no matter where you stay, there is a Jaiba de Oro restaurant nearby.


If you want to discover the true taste of Mexico while on your trip to Poza Rica, Acua-Gem is the place to go. The restaurant's authentic cuisine has become a tradition among locals. Their specialties are chicken breast tacos 'al pastor' roasted on a vertical rotisserie; 'mole de olla', beef stock with meat, vegetables and chili paste; chicken marinated in 'adobo', and finally stuffed poblano peppers. They also have a healthy menu for vegans including soy steak, steamed vegetables, fruit juices, smoothies and their fabulous house yogurt.


Coatzacoalcos restaurantsFour blocks away from the seaside promenade in Coatzacoalcos is this fantastic seafood restaurant, which is not only one of the best in town but in the whole state. Piquitos has pleasant decor and a delightful ambiance, ideal for a business lunch, a family outing, or a dinner date with friends. The food is great and there is usually live music to entertain diners while they eat. They also feature an extensive wine and liquor menu, and the service is excellent. For all this and more, Piquitos is definitely worth a visit.

Rancho Viejo

Dining in CoatzacoalcosThis well known restaurant in downtown Coatzacoalcos is a great choice for juicy steaks. Rancho Viejo is ideal for those who are looking for a gourmet experience and wish to pair their steak with a fine wine. The restaurant was established in 1945 and has been locally acclaimed since then. Enjoy a romantic meal at Rancho Viejo or celebrate an important event and savor their excellent cuisine.

El Asador del Istmo

Minatitlan restaurantsThis restaurant in Minatitlan owes its great reviews to its appetizing juicy steaks, which are among the best in the whole state. It belongs to a restaurant chain with restaurants in cities such as Coatzacoalcos. You can't leave Veracruz without tasting the prime steaks at El Asador del Istmo!

La Bamba

Minatitlan restaurantsLa Bamba is a seafood restaurant in Minatitlan that boasts the most traditional cuisine of Veracruz. It features a variety of delectable regional dishes and a friendly ambience. Enjoy the most authentic regional cuisine on your next business or leisure trip to Minatitlan.

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