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Nightlife in Veracruz State, Mexico: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife, Veracruz

Nighttime in the state of Veracruz possesses an endless number of tonalities and styles, depending Veracruz nightlifeon which city you find yourself in. Enjoy the music of the night and the dances that take place in the open-air plazas of this port city or even the modern rhythms of the most sophisticated nightclubs in the Boca del Rio area. If you are looking for something a little less intense, the city of Xalapa offers cultural escape in the form of artistic events practically every night, with your options Veracruz nightliferunning the gamut from classical music concerts to theater plays. The port city of Veracruz has a good number of high class nightclubs that rank with the best in the country.

Cities in constant growth, like Poza Rica, Coatzacoalcos and Minatitlan, enjoy a lively nightlife. Many clubs and bars in these cities have modern audio and illumination technology, all in order to offer spectacular nights and excitement to their guests.

Regardless of your taste, when you visit this beautiful state, the perfect opportunities to get together, go out and enjoy are right there in the nightlife of Veracruz.

Bare Coatzacoalcos

Veracruz night clubsBare is one of the most popular clubs in Coatzacoalcos, where the younger crowd gets together and enjoys good music and a lot of dancing to the best beats. It offers the best DJ mixes and with plenty of regulars, it's always full. So when you come and visit Coatzacoalcos, make reservations and discover Bare Coatzacoalcos.

El Tigre

Night clubs in the state of Veracruz El Tigre is one of the more fashionable clubs in Coatzacoalcos, with a great vibe and lots of young people who come and hang out on a regular basis. Excellent drinks and a diverse and truly enviable selection of music make El Tigre an excellent choice for your nights in Coaztzacoalcos.

Bare Minatitlan

Clubs in the state of Veracruz El Bare de Minatitlan is considered one of the best clubs in all the southeast of Veracruz state. Aside from the atmosphere, there are drinks and the live DJ (who mixes everything from pop and oldies to reggaeton and electronic music). The Bare de Minatitlan also frequently organizes events, concerts and other shows that cater to discerning guests.


Clubs in the state of Veracruz Nox is small in size but big in entertainment. When some clubs close their doors and turn out the lights for the evening, Nox is packed and offers a rocking ambiance. There is such musical diversity that comparison is not possible and it features excellent dance beats and style, which makes it an attractive option for your after parties.

El Sitio Bar & Lounge

Night clubs in Poza RicaEl Sitio is one of the most popular clubs in the city of Poza Rica and it's a meeting point for those who want to have a lively night to the rhythm of electronic music. It offers a friendly space that is comfortable and features fine decor. Excellent sound and lighting, local and international DJs live and great drink promos make all the difference at El Sitio Bar & Lounge.

Bar 3:15

Music, great drinks and entertainment come together in this nightclub in Poza Rica, typically frequented on the weekends. Local bands (and even well known national ones) that play rock, indie and other alternative beats normally give concerts at Bar 3:15, creating a party ambiance that gets everyone going. It's one of the most distinguished clubs in Poza Rica.

El Arrayan

El Arrayan offers a more private and laid back concept in Minatitlan. There is live music, contemporary Latin American folk music and even some romantic rock bands. The ambiance is pleasant and there is also food service which is ideal for the couples or groups of friends who want to stay for the after party, enjoying the music and drinks.

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