Varadero, Cuba

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Shopping in Varadero Cuba: Handcrafts, Souvenirs, Cuban Cigars and more

Shopping in Varadero, Cuba

While shopping in Varadero, you'll find a great selection of malls and stores to choose from. The local handicrafts make excellent souvenirs and you can find them for sale in the shopping centers and on the beaches of this vibrant city. There are also lots of boutiques selling fine apparel and accessories, along with specialist stores that stock high quality rum and the world famous Cuban cigars.

In the main the stores in Cuba will accept US dollars, but it is better to exchange your money for what's known as "Pesos Convertibles", the official tourist currency of Cuba. Remember to wear comfortable shoes, light clothing and take plenty of water and sun block with you when you head out on your shopping adventure in Varadero.

Plaza America

Shopping in Varadero, Cuba

This is one of the best places to go shopping in Varadero. Situated in Varadero's hotel zone, this shopping center features a variety of stores and boutiques that offer everything from beach apparel and handicrafts to rum, Cuban cigars and jewelry. It also has good restaurants, convenience stores and a variety of services. Don't forget to take a little something home as a souvenir.

Handicraft Markets

Shopping in Varadero, Cuba

In Varadero you'll have the opportunity to purchase skillfully created handicrafts. Vendors often walk down the beaches of Varadero selling their wares, so you can buy many beautiful items while still working on your tan. You should consider spending an afternoon browsing around Avenue 1, which features a large number of handicraft and souvenir stalls. Great arts and crafts can also be found on 63rd St. and 15th St.

Casa del Ron y Casa del Habano (House of Rum and House of Cigars)

Shopping in Varadero, Cuba

These stores in Varadero specialize in two of Cuba's most representative products: rum and cigars. Elegantly decorated with stained glass windows and featuring a huge selection of brands, the Casa del Ron (House of Rum) is the quintessential spot in Varadero to purchase Cuba's national liquor. After shopping here, you can find Casa del Habano (House of Cigars) just a few steps away. Recognized internationally as one of the best shops of its kind, Casa del Habano boasts an incredible variety of world-class, handmade cigars, and the prices are very reasonable.

The Airport

Shopping in Varadero, Cuba

If during your vacation to Varadero you were too busy enjoying the sun, the white-sand beaches and the Caribbean Sea, you probably didn't have time to go shopping. In that case, Varadero Airport provides you with another opportunity to buy an extensive variety of merchandise. The departures area features several duty free shops that sell Cuban cigars, handicrafts and of course rum, as well as other wonderful gifts that could be the perfect souvenir of your vacation to Cuba. Bon voyage!

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