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Restaurants in Varadero Cuba: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Varadero, Cuba

Although most hotels in Varadero are all inclusive, it is always a good idea to wander around the hotel zone and visit the downtown district to discover some of the best restaurants in Varadero. There are many outstanding areas to dine in Varadero, such as Josone Park, which features quaint, romantic eateries, or the shopping centers America and Internacional that both have fantastic international restaurants. If you a looking for a more local dining experience, just head over to downtown Varadero. There you will find a number of restaurants serving authentic Cuban fare, including tasty dishes made with seafood, poultry, beef and pork. Whatever your choice may be, you're sure to notice a common theme at all the restaurants in Cuba: the warm, friendly service by the local waitstaff. Their hospitality is as enjoyable as the food itself!

Most restaurants prepare their dishes from scratch using only the freshest ingredients, thus you won't easily find much fast food or processed foods. Instead, all meals are prepared to order, which means fresher, more natural cuisine, even though sometimes you'll have to wait a bit longer. Below are some of the restaurants you can try during your vacation in Varadero. Experience a truly Cuban dining experience!

The Cave

Restaurants in Varadero, Cuba

Situated literally in a natural cave, this is one of the best restaurants in Varadero. Its intimate, private atmosphere makes it the perfect choice for a romantic dinner, enjoying a glass of wine and a delicious lobster dish. The Cave really comes alive when they have a band playing!

Bodegon Criollo

Restaurants in Varadero, Cuba

This restaurant in the hotel zone offers excellent local cuisine including fish and seafood. With a thatched roof, it is an attractive choice for an open-air lunch or dinner. The have a selection of very good wines, and the friendly, efficient service is excellent.


Restaurants in Varadero, Cuba

This restaurant in Varadero is set to become one of the city's favorite dining spots. You feel as if you've been transported back in time, as you admire the beautiful decor consisting primarily of antiques. The setting is ideal for a lobster dinner, accompanied by a glass or two of good wine. Located next to Josone Park, it has a spacious terrace which is perfect for a romantic evening.

La Campana

Restaurants in Varadero, Cuba

La Campana is a cozy, tranquil place surrounded by picturesque, lush gardens. Beautifully decorated, it has a charming terrace and more importantly they serve delicious dishes, which are complemented with fresh salads, typical Cuban beverages and traditional desserts. Generous portions and attentive, amiable staff make your dining experience even more pleasant.


Restaurants in Varadero, Cuba

You're sure to have a great dining experience at Kiki's, where they have large portions, fresh ingredients and cuisine all made from scratch. The presentation of each and every dish is eye-catching to say the least! Kiki's has excellent pizza and pasta, but you must try their lobster. Prices are generally way below the average.

El Melaito

Restaurants in Varadero, Cuba

El Melaito is an informal, thatched roof restaurant, ideal for a light bite or a refreshing beer. Although it is a snack bar, they also serve main courses consisting of chicken, fish and pork. With low prices, El Melaito is the perfect oasis on a hot afternoon for those who want to quench their thirst and enjoy a Cuban snack.

Pizza Nova

Restaurants in Varadero, Cuba

Situated at Plaza Americas Mall, this restaurant serves classic Italian specialties and has a relaxing, ocean view setting. Portions are truly generous, yet prices are very reasonable. Their pizzas are delicious and the service is fast. In short, a good place for a casual gathering.

La Vicaría

Restaurants in Varadero, Cuba

La Vicaria serves a great selection of local favorites. The restaurant features quaint small open air cabins, allowing diners to enjoy the warm evening breeze. Located near the beach, they have a well stocked bar with all the usual beers, juices and cocktails. It's very popular as a place to go for brunch.

Las Americas

Restaurants in Varadero, Cuba

Located at the clubhouse of the Varadero golf course, Las Americas is one of the best restaurants in Varadero. It's a very exclusive place, decorated with antiques from the early 20th century, which once belonged to a former resident of Varadero. Since the restaurant is on the basement level, it has a private, intimate atmosphere, excellent for a romantic dinner. The extensive menu features mostly French fare, but they also serve Creole and international specialties.

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