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Attractions in Varadero Cuba: What to Do and Where to Go

Attractions in Varadero

Varadero houses a large number of attractions, especially when you consider that it has more than 13 miles of beaches where you can find numerous hotels, a variety of restaurants, exciting bars, water sports and much more. The coasts of Varadero also offer excellent opportunities for scuba diving, especially for beginners who are just starting to learn this sport, due to the shallow waters and excellent visibility in the transparent Caribbean Sea.

In and around Varadero, there is also a considerable amount of attractions, including the city's downtown area with its picturesque streets and warm, friendly locals. Groupings of caves and natural formations also stand out in the region's geographical surroundings.


Beaches in Varadero

Varadero's main attraction is undeniably its beaches. The beaches of Varadero are, in a word, spectacular, and relaxing on the sand is a truly incomparable experience. With soft and fine white sand, the beaches have the amazing turquoise blue tone that characterizes the Caribbean Sea. The water is shallow and has a perfect temperature for swimming year-round. Here you can enjoy diverse aquatic activities and acquire beautiful artisanry and crafts.

Coco Taxis

Attractions in Varadero

The most fun and exciting way to get around Varadero is by taking a "Coco Taxi". These three-wheeled vehicles have a domed roof and fit two passengers and the driver. Coco Taxi service is ideal for getting from point A to point B, but these taxis can also be hired for a scenic afternoon of touring the city.During your vacation in Varadero, you can also enjoy a ride in a double-decker bus with panoramic views that travels through the hotel zone, making stops at different tourist sites until it reaches downtown.

Water Sports

Attractions in Varadero

Over thirteen miles of beautiful turquoise beaches create the perfect setting for enjoying all sorts of water sports and aquatic activities. On the beaches of Varadero, you can try windsurfing, fishing, boat tours, kayaking and parasailing. There are also dozens of sites for scuba diving. Experience the Caribbean Sea!

Scuba Diving

Attractions in Varadero

The underwater riches of Varadero provide for great dives, especially for beginners, given the low difficulty level of most of the diving sites along the area's coast. Among the easier sites, you'll find Playa Coral, with a beautiful coral reef and a depth of less than 45 feet. All along the peninsula, you'll come across various sites for diving and enjoying the unbelievable visibility of the Caribbean coast, along with warm waters and the tranquil atmosphere found throughout the beaches of Varadero.

Parque Josone

Attractions in Varadero

This natural area in downtown Varadero is perfect for a pleasant and relaxing walk. Within the park, you'll find all different types of indigenous birds along with children's play areas and romantic cafes, restaurants and bars. Visiting this park is like going back in time to a past full of magic, making this site the ideal place for couples and families. It also has a small lake and a few artisan stands.

The Caves

Attractions in Varadero

In Varadero, there is a series of natural caves offering an enlightening visit to the peninsula's prehistoric past. Las Cuevas de Bellamar were the first caves to be open to public and contain the deepest caverns in the entire country. La Cueva de Ambrosio is a bit smaller and has fascinating natural formations along with a large number of resident bats. Although these animals are very restless and may wake up, don't be afraid: they won't harm you, or even touch you! When you visit the caves in Varadero, remember to bring close-toed shoes and light clothing since these sites tend to be somewhat wet, and the floor may have water.

Varadero Golf Club

Attractions in Varadero

The biggest golf club in Cuba has eighteen holes with varying levels of difficulty, some of them situated right by the ocean. When visiting the golf club, not only can you enjoy a round of this relaxing sport, but you can also explore the amazing club house known as "Villa Du Pont". This hacienda-style mansion belongs to an important multimillionaire and maintains much of its original splendor, shown in its elegant decoration, beautiful furnishings and antique paintings.

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