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Nightlife in Vancouver: Nigthclubs, Dance Clubs & More

Vancouver Nightlife

You cannot hide the fact that Vancouverites are happy people nor the fact that they spend a good part of their time on well-deserved entertainment after a hard day's work. There are so many wonderful places to go and take your mind off things, with ambiance, themes, music and decor so diverse, that if you were to put a star on a map for every single establishment that exists, Vancouver would look like a map of the constellations. Enjoy the nightlife in this "star system" and explore the Vancouver galaxy.

From laid-back bars and quiet lounges to exclusive venues and packed dance floors, Vancouver really does have a seemingly endless choice of entertainment options to experience after the sun goes down. Get ready to sample the incredible nightlife of Vancouver!

For a Drink

Vancouver Nightlife

Before you get your body moving, visit these places to socialize peacefully and chat, without having the music drown you out. Enjoy yourself without having to worry about wrinkling your clothes. Show off your stuff and shine in your season best. Don't worry about ruining your make up. Just kick back and relax over a drink.


A chic place for thirty-somethings.

The Bimini

A Bohemian pub in the West End, very English.

Doolin's Irish Pub

Guinness beer and a great atmosphere of camaraderie.

The Granville Room

A city classic that offers cocktails and casual elegance.

The Lamplighter

An old yet beautiful building is the home to this pub.

The Metropole

Lounge and sports bar with pool tables, big screens and great drinks.


A well-located place for a drink.

Stone Temple

An airy balcony and an intimate lounge make up this fun place.


Choose from a long list of drinks and give in to a relaxing evening out.

Shake Your Body

Antros en Vancouver, Canadá

Show off your dance moves and give it all you got. Dance as if your life depended on it because at these places, to enjoy the music and groove to the beat will take you to a whole other dimension. Don't get comfortable because there is sure to be someone who will make the battle for the dance floor a difficult one.

Bar None

Urban casual ambiance with retro and DJ music.


A glamorous nightclub.

Canvas Lounge

Martinis and a dance floor with a lot of class.

The Cellar

Live music in a super casual ambiance.

Edgewater Casino

Poker, slot machines and a lot of casino commotion.


The stage of the most famous DJs in the world, in Vancouver.


Chic and fun weekly events and concerts.

Mint Night Club

Exotic bar with a slight effervescent touch.

The Modern

Nightclub where you can let the Travolta in you free.

The Odyssey

Casual gay hang out.

Pop Opera

Contemporary music to dance and socialize to in neon lighting.


Gay bar with a cutting edge ambiance.

The Red Room

A much frequented place where people dance to the DJ's cuts.


The proud home of the 80s in Vancouver.

Tunnel Multi Lounge

Its unique decor includes a lit tunnel for dancing.

Wild Coyote

A favorite among 20-somethings for its pop music.

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