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Shopping in Valle de Bravo, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Valle de Bravo

You can easily identify handcrafts made by the indigenous artisans from the State of Mexico, whose masterful techniques are seen in all of the beautiful creations that can be purchased in Valle de Bravo. Over the years, the demand for their original handcrafts has increased, so you can find a great diversity of goods, from wooden pieces, handmade toys, fruit preserves, pickles, fruit jellies and honey to original and trendy home furnishings and decorative objects, but always with that distinct Mexican touch.

Shopping in Valle de BravoThere is a lot to buy in Valle de Bravo and the surrounding towns, such as Ixtapan del Oro where you can find beautiful gold jewelry at reasonable prices, or the intricate jewelry made of mineral rocks and sold in the town of Tejupilco. Villa de Allende, which is famous for the gorgeous handcrafts made by the Mazahua Indians, is also well worth visiting.

Joaquin Arcadio Pagaza Avenue  

Shoppig street of Valle de BravoThis street, over the years, has transformed into a trendy shopping area, full of exclusive stores and boutiques that carry unique, high quality decorative objects, such as candles, rock sculptures and modern furniture, all 100% Mexican.


Basketry in Valle de BravoLots of shops in Valle de Bravo offer this exquisite form of handicraft that definitely deserves a special mention in our shopping section. The artisans in this beautiful town have mastered the ability to manipulate the palm leaves in any way they want, creating almost any figure imaginable and filling the air with the distinctive scent of flowers and plants. Using the palm leaves they make pots, tablecloths, baskets, ashtrays, all sorts of ornaments (including flowers, fruit and figures of animals), and even full size closets. Each handmade piece is of an incredibly high quality and is suitable for export because the items resist both time and humidity.

Fruit Preserves

Honey from Valle de BravoA jar of honey, fruit preserves, or jelly are obligatory souvenirs of your visit to Valle de Bravo. These traditional goodies are made by the Mazahua Indians and are guaranteed to please everyone for their superb quality and flavor.

Arts and Crafts Market

Arts and Crafts Market in Valle de BravoLocated in the heart of the town, this unique market offers a great variety of handcrafts made by the indigenous people, local artisans and also by craftspeople from other places in Mexico. Wooden objects, pottery, wicker furniture, basketry, textiles and preserves are just a few of the products that can be bought here.

Local Market

Market in Valle de BravoThis is a typical Mexican market that sells the season's freshest high quality produce, all grown locally. Arts and crafts, dairy produce, foods made by the Mazahua Indians, as well as fresh flowers and plants to decorate your home are all widely available at this wonderful traditional market.


Trolls in Valle de BravoFor those fond of mythical creatures, this shop offers a wide variety of figures of trolls and elves. Open your eyes to a whole new world of fantasy and buy one of these figures that bring good luck to those who take care of them. The magical forests surrounding Valle de Bravo provide these special beings with great powers, thus the Trolls store is a fascinating place to visit whenever you're on vacation Valle de Bravo.

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