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Restaurants in Valle de Bravo, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Valle de Bravo

Many of the restaurants in Valle de Bravo and Avandaro have become popular attractions with visitors because of their delicious, elaborately prepared gourmet cuisine and also because of the fantastic variety of Mexican and international food on offer.

The restaurants and eateries of the Valle de Bravo river basin have an incredible array of delicious specialties made with fresh local ingredients, such as the very traditional fowl mole; pig's head stew and steamed beef stew. Barbacoa (pit baked lamb), fried pork, many different trout dishes, ash tamales, flour tortillas and patties, sweet bread, a sweet salad traditionally served for Christmas dinner, and dough fritters called bunuelos are just some of the region's most delectable specialties.

Restaurants in Valle de BravoSome of the most popular drinks in the area include ''sambumbia'', a beverage made of pineapple, water and sugar; ''zende'' a fermented drink made of sweet corn, ''pulque'', made of fermented maguey juice, and fruit liqueurs, such as the ones made of quince, blackberry, guava and anise. You can also find refreshing cold beverages stored in huge ceramic pots and glass barrels, used as coolers.

There's no excuse for not sampling the region's cuisine, since the food and beverages offered at the local restaurants, eateries and hotels is extensive, varied and of an exceptional quality.

Alma Edith

Restaurants in Valle de BravoThis restaurant, which is owned by the owner of La Michoacana, serves Mexican cuisine with delectable specialties, such as the honey mustard chicken breast, the Alma Edith salad, or the peppered steak, and other great dishes will please your palate, every bite you take. With such attentive service as well as the wonderful view of the main square from the top floor of the restaurant, this place is a great choice for eating excellent Mexican food.

Le Bodocua

Restaurants in Valle de BravoLe Bodocua is an excellent choice should you be looking for a great French restaurant in Valle de Bravo. It is conveniently located and serves fine gourmet cuisine presented in a very elegant way; fit for the most demanding palate. They have excellent service and it is open for both lunch and dinner.

Cafe Tolouse Lautrec

Restaurants in Valle de BravoThis picturesque coffee shop is located on one of Valle de Bravo's main streets. It is a cultural spot where you can grab a good book to read over a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a piece of cake with excellent music in the background. Whether you come by yourself or with company, the restaurant's menu of mouthwatering desserts, sandwiches and salads will certainly please you.

Los Churros y las Alcachofas del Valle

Restaurants in Valle de BravoChurros are fried strips of dough which often feature different fillings, such as jam, cream, caramel or chocolate and usually come accompanied by a mug of hot cocoa. You can try these traditional Mexican treats at this famous restaurant, along with their gourmet stuffed artichokes and many different trout dishes. See why this Valle de Bravo restaurant has become such a success and has even opened several franchises throughout Mexico.

La Cueva del Leon

Restaurants in Valle de BravoOne of the nicest things about this restaurant is the staff and owners' timely and friendly service. Its neatness and the rich aromas coming out of the kitchen will make you want to try all those tasty dishes. If you are in town some time, La Cueva del Leon is definitely a pleasant experience that you will want to do over and over.


Restaurants in Valle de BravoDipao is located near the main street of Valle de Bravo in a charming quiet courtyard, surrounded by a garden and shops, creating an exclusive Mediterranean atmosphere. It is the ideal place for a nice family meal or a dinner engagement with friends. The restaurant started in 2005 as the owners' brainchild, a couple who, inspired by their love for Italian food, developed this concept of Italian fusion cuisine. You can certainly taste this couple's passion for food as you try the savory soups, salads, prime steaks, delicious pizzas, pastas and exceptional seafood. Find warm and friendly service and ambiance, a la Mexicana.

La Estacion

Restaurants in Valle de BravoThis is an excellent choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner for its delicious home style cooking. The desserts are fantastic and in particular, the cakes and jams. If you come to Valle de Bravo, you have to try the tortilla soup at La Estacion, the best in town. The mushroom crepes are also highly recommendable.


Restaurants in Valle de BravoPreviously known as Indigo, this new restaurant offers delectable Mediterranean cuisine and impeccable service, all in a delightful ambiance. The seafood chowder, the glazed duck and the house oysters are simply divine but if you are not sure what to order, whatever the waiter recommends is guaranteed to be good. The restaurant's high standards are quickly turning it into one of the most popular restaurants of the destination.

Local Market

Restaurants in Valle de BravoIf you are an adventurous traveler who wants to sample the traditional cuisine of Valle de Bravo, then you simply must take a trip to the Local Market. There you can taste authentic dishes and meals at the many eateries specializing in fried tacos, handmade blue corn tortillas served with spicy stews, and lots of other delicious Mexican delights. One of the best things about eating in the markets is the incredibly reasonable prices.

La Michoacana

Restaurants in Valle de BravoNestled at the base of a hill, this excellent restaurant located a few blocks from the main plaza, offers a stunning view of the city. The food is simply delicious and is served in attractive presentations. The trout salad or the mole and just about everything else on the menu is extraordinary and the prices are reasonable. The service is another plus that makes the experience more enjoyable.

Los Pericos Restaurant

Restaurants in Valle de BravoThis was the first floating restaurant/bar in Mexico. Located on one of Mexico's most beautiful lakes, Los Pericos is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers a gorgeous view of Lake Avandaro. Live music fills the air enticing guests to take a turn on the dance floor. And the fine Mexican and international cuisine, along with the delectable seafood specialties, are guaranteed to please even the most demanding palate.

El Portal

Restaurants in Valle de BravoLocated in front of the main square, El Portal is a popular restaurant among locals and tourists alike, who are used to quality. The menu includes some of Mexico's most delicious recipes. The service is excellent and has a lively and friendly ambiance.

La Casona Restaurant Bar

Restaurants in Valle de BravoEach area of La Casona Restaurant Bar is decorated differently. It has a very intimate atmosphere and attentive, friendly service. This restaurant's cuisine has been a tradition in Valle de Bravo for many generations and they have an extensive menu with specialties from different parts of the world, each with its own unique flavor.

Da Ciro Restaurant

Restaurants in Valle de BravoLocated in downtown Valle de Bravo, Da Ciro Restaurant offers fine international cuisine with a delicious Mediterranean influence. This restaurant is locally acclaimed for its imaginative cuisine and excellent service.

La Taberna

Restaurants in Valle de BravoLa Taberna is an excellent choice for tourists who have a love for Italian cuisine. Their Fraddiavolo prawn, filetto de manzo and traditional tiramisu are all simply delicious. Enjoy this restaurant's delicious cuisine as well as their extensive selection of international wines.


Restaurants in Valle de BravoThis restaurant's enticing menu is one of the reasons why it is one of the best places to eat in Valle. Highly recommendable are the chilaquiles, the crab and the prime steaks. It has a charming open-air terrace from where you can see sweeping views of the lake and the marina. The restaurant's pleasant ambiance and friendly service has made this place a favorite for locals and tourists alike.

Los Veleros  

Restaurants in Valle de BravoLos Veleros is a classic spot in Valle de Bravo serving fantastic Mexican dishes, delicious seafood and a variety of French specialties. They even feature some exotic Mexican delicacies, such as sea bass round fillet casserole and ''escamoles'', which are the larvae of ants, served in tacos and are surprisingly delicious.

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