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Attractions in Valle de Bravo, Mexico: What to do and where to go

Valle de Bravo Attractions

You can always find an array of interesting things to do in Valle de Bravo, including many ecological, historical, cultural and religious attractions that appeal to every kind of tourist. The wonderful geographical characteristics of this destination are just as suitable for doing all sorts of sports, as for spending a romantic getaway or taking an adventurous trip. Regardless of your preference, the beautiful landscape is ideal for spending time outdoors, enjoying nature, or even meditating. It is also a fascinating experience to visit the surrounding towns, such as Temascaltepec and its hot water springs, the old Hacienda at Santa Maria of Pipioltepec, home to Camp Pipiol with its distinct Spanish architecture and ancient aqueduct, as well as Villa de Allende with its breathtaking scenery, home of the Mazahua native community and featuring an excellent campground.

Carmel Maranath Shrine

Shrine in Valle de BravoFunctioning as a retreat, this shrine was built in the 1970's by the Carmelite Order and bears inspiring stone architecture and beautiful gardens. It remains permanently open, so visitors can learn about its history and architecture, see their gorgeous religious artwork, or spend a private moment of prayer or reflection inside. The name of the shrine means ''Come Lord'' in the Aramaic language.

Waterfalls (Rio del Molino and Velo de Novia)  

Waterfalls in Valle de BravoThe landscape of the Valle de Bravo river basin is made up of several springs and rivers which flow into the Balsas River. Some of these bodies of water have beautiful waterfalls, such as Rio de Molino or Rio de Avandaro, which is also popular for camping and hiking. And Velo de Novia Cascade, with a drop 115 ft high, fed by the San Juan Creek, is another beautiful place well worth visiting.

Extreme Sports

Sports in Valle de BravoBecause of the varying terrain in the area it's possible to do lots of sports in Valle de Bravo, such as mountain biking, off-road motorcycling, mountain climbing, exploration of cave systems, horseback riding, golfing, and hiking. You can also go parasailing, paragliding and hang gliding. Likewise, Lake Avandaro is the perfect setting for exciting sailboat regattas, waterskiing and sport fishing championships.


Golf in Valle de BravoThe best golf courses of the country, designed by golf design greats like Percy Clifford, Marcelino Moreno and Lawrence Hughes, await you in Valle de Bravo, where you can enjoy this challenging game. There are extraordinary greens and fairways with excellent facilities and services, like a practice tee, a putting green, cafeterias and golf classes and clinics. Find all this plus the helpful assistance of the course staff.

Go Karts

Go Karts in Valle de BravoValle de Bravo is a favorite destination for those who love speed and adventure. There are race tracks at the Kartodromo and Go Karting where you can race classic go karts and motocross on tracks filled with sharp curves and the forest backdrop of Valle de Bravo. Restaurants, lockers and bathrooms are conveniently located as well as assistance so that you can enjoy a bit of athletic activity. You can also find all sorts of competitions like motocross championships, go kart races styled after Le Mans, Grand Prix and Super Prix, where you can compete in teams or individually. Come and have an adventure of maximum velocity in Valle de Bravo!


Gotcha game in Valle de BravoOne of the most high action Gotcha courses can be found here in Valle de Bravo, where there are five different scenarios in seven acres of forest. Compete with friends or family and avoid getting shot, taking cover behind trees and strategically placed screens. Rely on your reflexes and feel the adrenaline of this exciting game of survival. Open on weekends. Professional course staff will make sure your safety is number one so that you can have a great experience.

Lake Avandaro

Lake Avandaro in Valle de BravoLake Avandaro is Valle de Bravo's most precious attraction, it offers the possibility to do an array of water sports and also enjoy a fantastic sailboat or yacht ride. It has been part of the Valle de Bravo river basin since a dam was built to control the flow of the Avandaro River. Nowadays, the lake and the surrounding town are both known as Avandaro.

La Pena

Rock Cliff in Valle de BravoThis high, rocky cliff with little vegetation used to be inhabited by the native Matlatzinca people and is now the setting for a lot of sports and leisure activities. You can reach the top partly by car and the rest on foot. Once up there, you'll have an amazing panoramic view of the town, the lake and the surrounding areas of Valle de Bravo.

Monte Alto Reserve

Monte Alto in Valle de BravoLocated to the east of Valle de Bravo you'll find the Monte Alto Reserve. Also known as ''Water Mountain'', the reserve has become one of the most popular places for hang gliding in Mexico. It can be reached easily by car, or for those hiking enthusiasts you can also get there on foot.

The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

Butterfly Sanctuary in Valle de BravoEach year, from August to October, Valle de Bravo becomes the home of the monarch butterfly as it migrates on its long journey from Canada. This lush forest sanctuary is one of the few places in the world where you can see these beautiful insects in all their splendor.

The Temple of Saint Mary of Ahuacatlan (Black Christ)

Black Christ in Valle de BravoBuilt by Franciscan friars, this is the oldest church in Valle de Bravo, around which the town flourished. Under constant renovation, since 1864 and located in the oldest part of town, this gorgeous church houses the image of a Black Christ that many believers pray to, since it is said to have miraculous powers. It is definitely worth visiting the Temple of Saint Mary of Ahuacatlan and learning about its interesting historical background.

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