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Restaurants in Ushuaia, Argentina: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Ushuaia, Argentina

The gastronomy of the Tierra del Fuego is very popular throughout Argentina. This country really stands out for the rich diversity of cuisine on offer here, and the restaurants generally have very good service as well. The ingredients and products from the Tierra del Fuego are highly regarded in Argentina, in particular the seafood and fish, such as "Merluza Negra" (black hake) which is exquisitely prepared by the locals, or "Centolla Fueguina" (spider crab), a delicious crustacean caught straight from the Canal Beagle.

As previously stated, Ushuaia has excellent seafood. But the most typical dish of the area is "Cordero Fueguino", a type of lamb that is exclusively farmed here in the Tierra del Fuego. The meat of this lamb has one of the best flavors that you'll ever get to try! Thanks to the high amount of saltpeter found in the plants of this area, which are then eaten by the lambs, the meat is low fat and the flavor is just sublime. If you love good food, Ushuaia definitely has a lot of wonderful surprises for you.

Bodegon Fueguino

Bodegon Fueguino, Ushuaia

Located in one of the oldest properties of the city, Bodegon Fueguino is a restaurant specializing in lamb. The meat is prepared in a wide variety of ways, including in sauces made of honey, cream and orange, or it is served with potatoes or pumpkin, just to mention a few. The wine list is also outstanding, in particular their excellent selection of Argentinean wines. This restaurant is a firm favorite with both tourists and locals, so it is well worthwhile calling ahead of time and making a reservation.


Mustachio, Ushuaia

With over fifteen years of culinary experience, Mustachio offers diners a diverse variety of specialties and excellent service to boot. Along with the many seafood dishes, they also serve international cuisine, handmade pasta and delicious grilled cuts of meat. The house specialty is the "Cordero Fueguino al Asador", which is locally farmed barbecue lamb.

Kalma Resto

Kalma Resto, Ushuaia

This is probably one of the best places to dine in Ushuaia. The food is simply sensational. The service and the attention to detail by the owners really do stand out, as they strive to ensure you have a fantastic dining experience. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very cozy. But the main point is what the chef manages to achieve with the local ingredients, creating unusual but delightful specialties that are all impeccably presented.


Kaupe, Ushuaia

Kaupe is an a la carte restaurant that serves local specialties and has stunning views of the surrounding landscape. It is located on the top of a hill, away from the crowds of downtown. The most popular dishes are the local specialties, such as the "Centolla" and "Merluza". Relatively speaking, this is quite an expensive restaurant, and the prices are not mentioned on the menu. It is an excellent option for a romantic dinner, and asking for a table by the window is well worthwhile for the stunning views. Reservations are required.

Tante Nina

Tante Nina, Ushuaia

This restaurant specializes in locally caught seafood. If you love seafood, then you must dine here. The "Centolla Fueguina" serves a really delicious seafood soup which is definitely one of the favorites. The restaurant has great views of the Canal Beagle, the service is very good, and the prices are affordable.


Kuar, Ushuaia

Here you'll find an eclectic selection of local cuisine. The restaurant serves elegant specialties prepared using only the highest quality locally sourced products, resulting in dishes with incredible flavors and textures. The wine list is excellent, featuring a great selection of Argentinian reds and whites. Definitely worth trying are the wines from the regions of Mendoza and San Juan. The interesting architecture and elegant decor are complemented by the views of the Canal Beagle. Enjoy a meal here during your next trip to Ushuaia, you won't be disappointed.

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