Uruapan, Mexico

Nightlife in Uruapan, Mexico: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more, Uruapan Zona Rosa

Uruapan Nightlife

The nightlife in Uruapan has two well-defined facets: one, nighttime entertainment is mainly in the hands of cultural congregations that preserve the traditions and customs of the Purepecha people through dance, expositions and musical presentations and; two, the vibrant youth and modern styles that are present in the most frequented hot spots. These are spots where drink, good music and a great ambiance of good will and cheer attract the cream of the crop of the city, welcoming those who want to party all night long.

Cultural Events

Uruapan NightlifePlaces like Casa de la Cultura (House of Culture), the Tariacuri Market and La Huatapera Regional Museum of Popular Art continuously offer concerts, dance presentations and a constant exhibition of traditions that both visitors and locals can enjoy. Apart from the colorful scenic art, culture and popular recreation also include food fairs, handicraft contests and traditional dress shows. These cultural displays normally start late in the afternoon and end in a "guateque", which is a celebration of the continuity of popular tradition and a tribute to the locals' fondness of having get-togethers.

Zona Rosa

Uruapan NightlifeThe ansy nature of the younger crowd of Uruapan is a very distinct phenomenon that has created a certain type of "escape" from the bars, nightclubs and night spots. Names come and go. The locales, tendencies and technology all change but the center of bars and local nightclubs always remains in the same place: the Zona Rosa. Everyone knows where the Zona Rosa is in Uruapan. Located on Paseo Lazaro Cardenas, the weekends are when the activity really starts to pick up. The younger crowd comes together and flaunts glamour and the desire to party. There is something for everyone, with the typical pop options, live rock or 80s and 90s grooves that will take you to times "way back in the day".


La Mision Bar

Uruapan NightlifeLa Mision has all the ingredients that make up a good bar, including a great atmosphere, funky decor, attentive service, cool music, and great drinks. Apart from an extensive wine list, and a variety of martinis and cocktails, La Mision also serves delicious snacks and Mexican cuisine. The music selection is varied during the week, ranging from romantic relaxing tunes to the best live DJ mixes, depending on the day. In short, La Mision Bar is an ideal place for a night out with friends in the city of Uruapan.

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