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Uruapan is located in the Mexican state of Michoacan and it stands out for its exuberant wilderness, among other virtues. It is located in the central part of the state and like northern Michoacan, it is covered with lush forest. It has a moderate climate which is suitable for all sorts of ecotourist activities which you can do in the surrounding areas just outside the city. Because of its geographic location, Uruapan joins two large regions known as Tierra Caliente and the Purepecha plateau. It is also the second most important city after Morelia, the state capital.

Purepecha Lordship

Uruapan Travel and Vacation InfoUruapan is an old city which has prevailed throughout the ups and downs of Mexican history. Its beginnings go back to the peak of the Purepecha Empire, a strong Mesoamerican culture. This ancient culture had structured social classes, their own language, religion and customs, as well as a well-organized army. It was one of the very few cultures that was able to resist the constant attacks by the Aztec Empire, in part due to their keen ability to with work metals, such as bronze and copper

Travel and Vacation InfoWhen the Spanish arrived to America, Uruapan was an important lordship and the secret hiding place of the last Purepecha lord. After the Spanish invasion and subsequent conquest, the city was founded by Friar Juan de San Miguel in 1533. To this day, you can still see how the atriums of the chapels in the oldest part of the city form a huge cross.

The Place of the Evergreen Trees

Travel and Vacation InfoNature has blessed Uruapan with abundant water and fertile land. It is also known as "The World Capital of Avocadoes" because of its significant annual production, and especially for their strong and delicious flavor. Avocadoes from Uruapan are of export quality and they are frequently referred to as the green gold of Michoacan. Avocado production is a source of pride of the people from Michoacan and it has a strong influence on the regional food, one of Mexico's most rich and varied cuisines.

The city's main tourist attraction is the surrounding exuberant vegetation. Uruapan features several parks and wild areas that are not only a beautiful sight, but provide endless possibilities for family recreation. You can do everything from trekking on the mountains and hiking in the forests, to horseback riding, camping, and swimming in the rivers.

Travel and Vacation InfoPart of the fun of exploring the surroundings includes swimming in the many rivers found in the area, such as Cupatitzio River, whose name means, "the river that chants". The river starts in a large nature reserve known as the Eduardo Ruiz National Park, an incredible park that is 1,200 acres of ponds, lush forest, and mystical trails that have inspired many a good legend and myth.

Located south of Uruapan, about six miles downstream is La Tzararacua Falls. It is a breathtaking sight that you just can't miss on your trip to this magical destination in the State of Michoacan.

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