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    Book the Yeti Ice Bar Tour on your next visit in El Calafate and enjoy a unique experience!

    The Yeti Ice Bar features two bars, a warm one with an exclusive selection of cocktails and snacks, and an ice bar with temperatures ranging from 17.5 to 10.5 °F. In order to enter the ice bar, you’ll first need to acclimate in a cold room with a temperature of 41 °F, where you’ll also receive special clothing and listen to an informative talk.

    Once inside the ice bar you and your guests will be able to admire the neat decor with caverns and caves made out of ice, as well as fun characters such as the Yeti. Take advantage of the 30-minute open bar and taste an array delicious drinks on a beautiful bar entirely made out of ice, served by a talented barman who will also perform impressive bottle juggling tricks.

    Don’t miss this incredible opportunity and book now!

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