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    Uxmal, the city that has been built three times, lies majestic surrounded by nature, witness of the Mayan’s lifestyle at its peak. It is 38 miles away from Merida and it is considered one of the most representative Mayan site in the Puuc area, name given to describe the architectural style of the region.

    Once at the site we will explore its beautiful palaces declared World Heritage by the UNESCO, all of them built following a quadrangular design and connected by roads. You’ll get surprised admiring its rich sculptural elements as well as with the magical legends about the origins of this city. We will walk around outstanding monuments such as: the Magician’s Pyramid, the Nuns Quadrangle, the Governor’s Palace and the Temple of the Masks.

    After visiting Uxmal we will go to a picturesque restaurant where you will enjoy a delicious dinner buffet style as well as get relaxed after the stroll around the site. Then we will return to the archaeological area for admiring the spectacular light and sound show which describes the history of the Mayans, and it is considered one of the best in the world. You cannot miss this great experience!

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