• Rappel in Sima Of Las Cotorras and Visit Aguacero Waterfall, San Cristobal de las Casas

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    This fantastic Rappel Experience takes place in la Sima de las Cotorras On this adventure tour in Chiapas, you’ll rappel down a massive sinkhole, the famous “Sima de las Cotorras” (Sinkhole of Parrots). This impressive natural wonder measures 410 ft. in depth and 590 ft. in diameter. Our expert guides will provide you with all the necessary equipment and professional assistance to safely enjoy the experience.

    After completing the descent, you’ll be guided along trails that follow the perimeter of the inside of the sinkhole where you can admire paintings and markings left on the walls by the ancient inhabitants of the area. Book your spot and get ready for an incredible tour!

    Please keep in mind that this tour requires that all participants be in good physical condition.

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