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    For adventure lovers, Nativo Experience Tour offers the true experience of indigenous and pioneer ancestors, as well as breathtaking panoramic views of unique landscapes, as well as lunch/dinner in a cave and the opportunity to observe the first rock manifestations of the Tehuelches.

    This incredible route with departures from El Calafate is done in Land Rover vehicles (4x4), with three stops, the first on the banks of the Argentine river to see the flora, the fauna and landscape of the place. The second one on the cliffs of Punta Bonita, where you can appreciate wonderful panoramic views of El Calafate and the Andes, and then, finally, we will visit the archeological area to enjoy rock art and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in a typical cave used for thousands of years for the Tehuelche, which will take us back to the time of the passage of man through these lands, knowing the stories of the bold pioneers who ventured into the unknown.

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