• Discover Mexico Park - Mexican Flavors Tour, Cozumel

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    On the Discover Mexico Park - Mexican Flavors Tour you’ll learn more about Mexican products such as chocolate and tequila. The tour starts at the Discover Mexico Park, where you’ll watch an interesting documentary about Mexico. Then you’ll visit the Museum of Folk Art, where you can see the fine works by Mexican artisans from all over the country.

    Next, you’ll learn about the process of making chocolate the old-fashioned way using traditional utensils like grinders and mortars. On this Cozumel tour, you’ll also learn about tequila’s origin, history and the different types of this traditional Mexican spirit that you can find.

    You can enjoy a walk through the garden and see the miniature replicas of some of the most iconic buildings and monuments in the country, such as Degollado Theater and the Palace of Fine Arts, as well as the Mayan, azteca and totonaca pyramids. You’ll also have the chance to see a performance by the Papantla Flyers suspended from a 65-square-foot pole. Last, you’ll enjoy a typical Mexican meal.

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