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    6 Hrs
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    The Beautiful Line Tour takes you on a return trip to the origins of the Italian colonization in Gramado. Get on board a Jardineira (a form of transport) that was designed to give you a unique experience. Beautiful landscapes, small family properties, traditional buildings, the discover of wine preparation and a delicious Italian lunch await you on this unforgettable tour.

    The excursion begins in downtown Gramado and continues on to the Familia Masotti, where you’ll enjoy a wine tasting. You’ll also visit the Velho Casarao (old house) where you’ll learn about the life and career of Sr. Visenzo Marcon’s descendants before proceeding to the Cavichion Mill and shopping for lunch at the Linha Bella Cantina, which serves delicious Italian cuisine. Following the meal, you’ll head to Yerbatera Natural de Gramado, also known as Yerbatera Marcon.

    Discover Gramado and its natural beauty as you are enchanted with its traditional architecture, hospitality and learn about the cultural heritage of the first Italian immigrants. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the attraction of this charming area, book your spot on the Beautiful Line Tour.

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