• Monkey Island and Sloth Sanctuary Tour, Panama City

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    5 Hrs
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    If you’re a true nature lover and are planning on visiting Panama City on your next vacations, then you can’t miss the opportunity to take the wonderful Monkey Island and Sloth Sanctuary Tour!

    On this five-hour tour, you’ll be taken to the Soberania Nation Park, where you’ll get on a boat and navigate the immense Gatun Lake, where you’ll be able to see the huge ships that cross the Panama Canal. There you’ll visit the Monkey Island, inhabited by capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, and other enchanting species.

    After that, you’ll visit the Sloth Sanctuary, where you’ll learn more about these adorable animals and discover all the conservation work that the staff and voluntaries do. Then, you’ll visit the Butterfly House to see various beautiful species, including the blue morpho butterfly, among others.

    Finally, you’ll also see orchid and frog exhibits, where you’ll see some of the species that can be found at the park. Book now and enjoy this unforgettable experience!

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