• Dolphin Royal Swim Tour Isla Mujeres Dolphin Discovery, Isla Mujeres

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    The Dolphin Royal Swim VIP Tour Isla Mujeres is a great way to do something incredible during your next Cancun vacation, offering you the chance to go swimming with dolphins on Isla Mujeres.

    After a fun crossing from Cancun, during which you can appreciate beautiful views and the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea, you'll be given a short introductory briefing before meeting your new dolphin friends. The dolphins will greet you with a handshake, a hug, and a kiss before performing incredible acrobatics and games. The standout interactions of this excellent program include the dorsal tow, in which the dolphin will pull you across the water by its dorsal fin, as well as the foot push, in which two dolphins will push you upright by your feet, making you feel like you're flying across the surface of the water!

    In addition to the dolphins you'll also see manta rays and sharks, and you'll even have the chance to swim and snorkel next to them during the Fantasy Snorkel activity, separated by an acrylic wall. Come and have an incredible day out on Isla Mujeres when you book the fantastic Dolphin Royal Swim VIP Tour Isla Mujeres tour!

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