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    Visit Discovery Cove Orlando to enjoy the convenience of an All Inclusive program as well as beautiful surroundings and exciting encounters with various sea creatures and exotic birds. This incredible park is made up of lagoons, tropical reefs, rivers, cascading pools and white sandy beaches.

    Your adventure begins with a walk along a charming nature trail that leads to wonders like the Dolphin Lagoon, where you can interact with the dolphins in shallower waters before heading out to take an exciting ride while holding onto their dorsal fin. You can also explore The Grand Reef, where you will dive and snorkel while tropical fish and rays swim around you.

    Those looking for more adventurous activities may wish to head to the Sea Venture, where you’ll put on a diving helmet and safely watch as sharks swim by the massive panoramic windows. The Wind-Away River takes you on an aquatic journey through various environments, including a sunny island beach, a rainforest and an underwater cave.

    At Explorer's Aviary you’ll have the opportunity to feed and interact with exotic birds, some of which reach of height of up to four feet. After all of this excitement, Serenity Bay Beaches and Pools is the ideal place to just lay back and relax while you soak in the sun.

    Delicious food and snacks that you can enjoy with the All Inclusive program are offered throughout the day and there are small markets located throughout the park.

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