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    If you are planning your next Varadero vacations and you want to know what this tourist destination has to offer, beyond its beautiful beaches, City Tour Varadero Especial is a great alternative.

    You will board an air-conditioned bus, which will take you to the historic center, where you can visit the handicrafts market where and buy beautiful souvenirs, as well as the famous Josone Park, with natural spaces that include gardens, areas for boating and which also has buildings from the 1940s, on an area of 22 acres.

    Later on, you will go to a ceramic workshop, to an art gallery, to the Casa del Ron and Casa del Habano where you will learn about the making of the famous Cuban cigars by a live torcedor and you can make your own cigar!

    Finally, you will visit the luxurious Xanadu Mansion, built in the 1920s and which preserves its imposing beauty. Reserve your place and explore Varadero!

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