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    Beautiful colonial style buildings fascinating museum displays await you on the Guanajuato City Tour . This excursion takes you to the Museum of the Mummies, where you can learn about the Guanajuato Mummies and 150 years of the city’s history and folklore. You’ll also visit a scenic lookout that offers incredible views of the city and the Monument of El Pipila, a famous local hero.

    Your tour of Guanajuato continues with a trip to the tunnels of the city’s old residential area and the old Valenciana mine. Following that you’ll head to a Churrigueresque style church known as the San Cayetano Temple. The temple houses incredible religious artwork, including gold plated altarpieces. The next stop will be the Holy Inquisition Museum, where torture devices and artifacts from this dark era are stored and displayed.

    The Guanajuato City Tour ends with a trip to the market, where you can purchase traditional treats and candies from the region. Don’t miss out on this fantastic and informative tour during your next visit to Guanajuato!

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