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    The Chenes Route Tour takes you on a fun adventure along jungle trails visiting Mayan ruins as you explore the state of Campeche. You'll start off with a fascinating trip to the Hochob archeological site, where you'll find representation of Mayan deities like Itzamna, the "Father of the Gods".

    Afterwards you'll visit Dzibilnocac, a site with well-maintained pyramids and platforms. Here you'll also find stone rooms decorated with intricate Mayan motifs representing the deity Chaac, the god of water and the rain. Throughout the tour your guide will explain all you need to know about the ruins and their history.

    The The Chenes Route Tour continues with a visit to El Tabasqueno, a Mayan city nestled in the jungle. Featuring a tower that is thought to be used to study the night sky, this site also offers numerous engravings of major events in the city's past.

    Finally you'll be taken to the Xtacumbilxunaan Caves (Hidden Woman Caves) where you'll hear the story of a young woman separated from her beloved. Come and explore the archeological sites of Campeche on this fascinating day out!

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