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    Take a boat trip and explore an enchanting Pacific destination on the Bufadora and Ensenada Tour. With beautiful natural scenery, colonial Californian style architecture and a fascinating history, this Mexican port city offers plenty for you to see and enjoy.

    Walk through the History Museum of Ensenada, where you’ll learn about the indigenous people and the missionaries who visited them. Travelers discovering Ensenada won’t want to miss the Bufadora, a natural phenomenon that is only found in three locations throughout the world. This incredible event occurs when wave pressure and air combine in a cave, creating an upward thrust of water that can go as high as 65 feet.

    Your tour of the city will also take you to handicraft stores and shops that sell regional specialties like bread, wine and cheese. At the Black Market you’ll also be able to find fish and seafood options.

    Join the Bufadora and Ensenada Tour departing from Tijuana, Ensenada and The Guadalupe Valley to discover the hidden delights of this charming city!

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