• Horsetail Falls Park Canopy Tour, Monterrey

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    Enjoy the incredible experience of flying through the trees and get ready to admire the majestic natural beauty of Horsetail Falls Park, a natural reserve that very famous in the region for its beautiful 82-foot-tall waterfall that resembles a horse’s tail.

    On this Horsetail Falls Park Canopy Tour you’ll explore beautiful nature trails and embrak on an exciting adventure from the city of Monterrey to fulfill your dream of flying over the treetops.

    When you arrive at the park, your guide will provide you with the necessary safety equipment and a brief orientation so that you can have fun during the tour, all while you get ready to feel the adrenaline rush of this exciting activity.

    On the Horsetail Falls Park Canopy Tour you’ll complete an amazing circuit of seven ziplines that extend for nearly half a mile, the longest of which is 560 feet, offering you a chance to appreciate the lush scenery that surrounds you and enjoy the spectacular views.

    Book your spot on this Horsetail Falls Park Canopy Tour and spend a fun time with family or friends in a beautiful natural setting!

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