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    The Cachi Tour takes you on a wonderful day's exploration of Cachi, a town located to the west of the Calchaquies Valley, about 100 miles from the city of Salta. Here you can admire the beautiful natural setting and the colonial mansion that dates back to the middle of the 18th century. Surrounded by the Nevado de Cachi mountains, this place is an ideal spot for incredible views.

    On the Cachi Tour you'll see major regional attractions, including the gorge Quebrada de Escoipe, Valle Encantado, and Parque Nacional Los Cardones. Eventually you'll arrive at Piedra del Molino, the highest point of the tour, at a height of 11,000 feet above sea level. Admire green mountains full of small rivers as you take it the grandiosity of your surroundings.

    Afterwards you'll visit the town of Payogasta before arriving at Cachi. During your time in the town you'll see the main tourist attractions, such as the main square, the church with its three bells, and its charming cobbled streets. Come and see a different side of the province of Salta when you book this wonderful tour!

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