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Located in the state of Coahuila, in the north of Mexico, Torreon is a city with around 100 years of history. It is a young, contemporary, and booming city with a modern infrastructure. There is commercial and industrial activity and a good system of public facilities, however, Torreon still maintains the relaxed pace of a small, peaceful city.

Whether for business or leisure, Torreon is well worth visiting. It is a well-planned, clean and appealing city, with tourist attractions for all tastes, including malls, nightclubs, cafes, bars, delicious food, and their most important asset, the people; they are extremely friendly, courteous and hospitable.


vacaciones en torreonTorreon was founded in 1907 as a half-way point on the train route between Northern and Southern Mexico and nowadays it is a booming city with many diverse industries. Because it is still rather young and modern, the growth of the city has been carefully thought out and planned, hence it is a very accessible city. Besides being one of the youngest cities in Northern Mexico, Torreon is also one of the cleanest and safest places in the country.

torreonThe city lies within a region known as 'La Laguna', named after an enormous lake that used to exist in the area. Over the years the lake gradually dried up, leaving a dry treeless plateau in which Torreon has flourished. La Laguna also includes Gomez Palacios and Lerdo, which are parts of the neighboring state of Durango.

Around 1850 the first settlers of this area built a small village, because of the need to have a stop along the northern railroad route for weary travelers to rest from the trip. Because the village was an important crossroads by a river, they erected a tall watch tower called 'Torreon'. Little by little more houses, and later whole city blocks were added, and with the establishment of commerce and trade, more people started moving to the area. However, it was not until September 1907 that Torreon officially earned the title of a city.
vacaciones en torreonKnown as 'The Pearl' of La Laguna, the locals usually call Torreon 'The City of Great Effort', due to the gigantic task of building a city in the middle of the desert. Because Torreon is an important industrial city many people, including foreigners, have come to the here seeking work.

Even though the average temperature fluctuates between 20 and 22 C, the city has extreme weather conditions, during the summer months it can reach temperatures of 35 C, and in winter it is not uncommon to see the temperature fall below zero.

Business and Industry

torreonThe economic development of Torreon has been linked to the rapid growth of industry, which has diversified into several sectors such as, agricultural, textiles, metallurgic, beverage and food production, chemical, publishing, garment and apparel, shoes, lumber, rubber, electronics and transportation. Because of the many industrial enterprises, La Laguna has a large number of factories, assembly-lines, and manufacturing plants, like Met-Mex, owned by Penoles Industries, which is the fourth largest metallurgic complex in the world and the number one producer of fine silver worldwide.

vacaciones en torreonOther leading economic activities in La Laguna are the manufacturing of fashionable apparel, furniture, and marble; the latter having one of the most modern and sophisticated plants in the world. Similarly, the food industry is also strong in Torreon; cooking oils, wines, liquors, dairy products are also produced. In fact, this region is the most important dairy producer and the strongest wholesaler and retailer in the country.

Many national and international companies have built plants in the city, attracted by encouraging fiscal incentives offered by the local and state governments, which include tax exemptions or reductions among others. The city has fast and efficient means of communication, transportation, and shipping, facilitating the import and export of cargo by air, land and sea.

torreonThe city's strong industrial orientation has increased the amount of tourists traveling to Torreon on business for meetings, conventions, negotiations, and to close deals; hence there is an array of hotels designed predominantly for business travelers. In Torreon you can find all the renowned hotel chains that feature facilities suitable for large groups and conventions. The majority of hotels has fully equipped business centers, wireless internet, and even provides the services of qualified assistants.

Quality of life

torreonAlthough Torreon is a young city it has excellent services, schools, hospitals, and plenty of leisure activities for locals and tourists alike. With regards to education, Torreon has one of the highest concentrations of universities in Mexico. As for sports and recreation, there are many sporting clubs, golf courses, a professional soccer team, baseball and basketball teams. There is also a vibrant social scene with many cafes, bars, discos, and plenty of cultural centers such as, museums, theaters, and events. Also, there are many natural and tourist attractions in and around Torreon.

vacaciones en torreonDue to Torreon's 2007 centennial anniversary, there are many celebrations, such as exhibits, shows, conferences, and sporting events. Some of them organized by the general public, like the 'Centennial Project', created by enthusiastic, active locals who wish to continue promoting Torreon as a top destination in Northern Mexico.

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