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Tlaxcala Restaurants

Tlaxcaltecan cuisine can be described as delicious, colorful and mestizo, with origins that come from the Tlaxcallan era, when corn was considered divine. In the pre-Hispanic era, the Tlaxcaltecans grew squash, tomatilloes, nopal and beans and hunted for deer, duck, the Mexican racoon, rabbits, hares and mourning doves. The maguey was also very common and was fermented and used in pulque.

Over time, these ingredients have been used with Spanish cuisine to create a fusion rich with flavors, aromas and variety. The maguey is the main ingredient in Tlaxcaltecan cuisine, reflected in dishes such as "barbarcoa" (pit-baked goat meat), "mixiotes" (pit-baked chicken, pork or rabbit), "chinicuiles" (red, maguey-root worms) or maguey worms. Fermenting this plant produces "pulque", a traditionally typical Mexican drink.

There are also the delicious bean-flavored or anis-flavored tamales, the different types of mole (pronounced "mo-Lay", this is a thick sauce made of many spices and usually eaten with chicken and rice), such as turkey, fiesta, "de olla" (from the pot) and "prieto" (dark). You can't miss out on "escamoles" (ant larvae) and the huitlacoche (corn fungus) quesadillas. The Sopa Tlaxcalteca (Tlaxcaltecan Soup) is traditional to the region as well as the Tocatlan Chicken, beef in pulque, white barbacoa and red sesame seed pipian, accompanied with homemade white or blue corn tortillas.

Tlaxcaltecan Sweets

Tlaxcala SweetsWhether you are craving something sweet after lunch or are taking a walk through the colorful Historic Center, try a "bunuelo" (a deep-fried square made out of a flour dough) with requeson cheese and honey or a Huamantleco muegano. In Tlaxcala, you can also find amaranth sweets and peanut bars, pumpkin seed candy, pine nut tamales or the Totolac festival bread, accompanied by some delicious vanilla ice cream. To make your sweet-tasting experience even sweeter, have a pulque (plain or cured fruit-flavored) or a delicious amaranth or rice atole (a hot corn starch drink) or a chileatole.

Gran Cafe del Zocalo

Gran Cafe Zocalo

This beautiful restaurant is located in Portal Hidalgo is one of the most visited, that serves authentic regional cuisine. Using strong colors that define the city, its walls are covered with words and phrases, written by previous visitors, while you wait for your food. There is a buffet service on the weekends and there is a wide range of dishes and bar service. You'll find outdoor tables where you can contemplate and people-watch in this picturesque city.

La Cacerola

La Cacerola

In an elegant ambiance, you can savor the regional cuisine and delicious Tlaxcaltecan soups while you listen to relaxing pre-Hispanic music.



Las Cazuelas

Las Cazuelas

Traditional in Tlaxcala, Las Cazuelas specializes in exquisite regional dishes such as chicken in amaranth sauce, Huauzontle Tortas and veal in pasilla chile sauce. Sundays offer a buffet-style brunch. And don't forget to try the bunuelo with vanilla ice cream and piloncillo sauce (Mexican molasses).

El Asador del Vecino

Enjoy fine grilled cuts in the Historic Center of Tlaxcala.

Los Portales

TlaxcalaThis restaurant-bar specializes in Tlaxcaltecan cuisine and is located in the heart of the city, on the Plaza de la Constitucion. It is decorated with bright colors and Talavera ceramics and offers a family atmosphere. Weekends offer breakfast and lunch buffets. We also offer banquet catering as well as service out-of-state.

La Finca de Ocotlan

In Ocotlan, you will find a lovely restaurant with Creole cooking, specialties from the grill and a rustic atmosphere. We also have a bar and a beautiful view.

La Fonda del Convento

Tlaxcala FoodLocated in front of the San Francisco Church, this restaurant offers an excellent atmosphere and service. Savor some of the regional dishes. As an entree, we suggest "Requeson al Estilo de la Abuela" (Grandma's Old-Fashioned recipe for requeson cheese).

El Tirol

Serving a variety of Mexican dishes with regional ingredients, this restaurant is located on Independencia Avenue, in the heart of Tlaxcala. Good food at good prices.

Las Delicias de la Abuela

Las Delicias de la AbuelaIf you're going to visit Atempan, this restaurant is an absolute must. A restaurant/bar that has been in the business for over 30 years, the food is typical Mexican and regional, with the main ingredients being spinach, radish, seasoned rabbit and mixiotes (pit-baked goat).

El Checo

Scrumptious food from the state of Nayarit and a wide variety of fish, this restaurant is a guaranteed good choice. In the menu, you will find fish and salmon, prepared Zarandeado style (a style typical in the area), shrimp grilled over hot coals and "Aguachile" (sliced shrimp, marinated in lime juice with red onions and cilantro) and of course, beer. Located in the town of Apizaco, near Tlaxcala City.

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