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Shopping in Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Tijuana Shopping

Tijuana is the perfect place in Mexico for shopping in modern areas and malls. Tijuana is recognized for being a shoppers' paradise, because of its diverse stores and markets that offer all kinds of handicrafts made in Mexico. There is a wide assortment of merchandise in the malls, such as leather clothing, shoes, ceramics, silverware, furniture, watches, perfumes, jewelry, liquors, and more.

Tijuana has a long history as a shopping Mecca because of its location on the border and its duty-free products. The city features a variety of department stores, but without a doubt, the most traditional place to go shopping in Tijuana is the famous Revolucion Avenue. This street is perfect for buying an assortment of Mexican handicrafts. Here you will be able to shop, or simply relax and enjoy one of the many restaurants and bars located along the avenue.

On Benito Juarez Boulevard, the main avenue in Rosarito, there are many handicraft stores where original pieces of Mexican art can be purchased. These pieces have been brought to Rosarito from around the country, providing tourists with the opportunity of buying pottery from Oaxaca, textiles from the State of Mexico and silver jewelry from Guerrero, all in the same store. On the toll free Tijuana - Ensenada road, parallel to the scenic highway, there are a lot of handicraft workshops and art galleries as well.

Revolucion Avenue

Shopping at Revolucion AvenueAlong this avenue, located right in the middle of Tijuana's tourist zone, you will find an extensive variety of stores, as well as restaurants and cafes, where you can take a break, before carrying on with your shopping adventure. Appreciate the local talent and practice the art of bargaining, which is an important strategy on Revolucion Avenue. And as the locals say, if you don't find what you're looking for here, it's because it doesn't exist!

Benito Juarez Avenue

Benito Juarez Avenue in RosaritoThe main avenue in Rosarito has many stores selling beautiful handicrafts. The doors of many of the workshops are open to those who want to see how seashells, metals and clay are transformed into beautiful pieces of art. Come and see the work of professional painters and sculptors. It is for sure you will find a beautiful addition to your home's decor.

Rio Tijuana Mall

Come and explore the most important mall, visit its big department stores where you will find clothes, shoes, perfumes and imported articles. Likewise, enjoy the nice coffee shops and restaurants where you can savor your favorite food before continuing with your shopping spree.

Agua Caliente Mall

This is an exclusive shopping center that features excellent boutiques with all kinds of top-brand clothes, along with a wide assortment of shoe stores and shops with an extensive array of local and national handicrafts. It is located in Las Torres, the two tallest buildings in Tijuana.

Carrousel Shopping Mall

Carrousel Shopping Mall in TijuanaThis nice shopping mall has more than 50 shops that make it a must to visit it. Here you will find large department stores as well as small places that will definitely catch your attention, because of the variety of original objects and typical Mexican souvenirs.

Casa Torres

Casa Torres was founded back in 1969 in Rosarito. Since then, the staff travels extensively to remote Mexican villages to choose each piece for the showroom. That's why here you can find the biggest and finest selection of Mexican art and imports in all of Northern Mexico. Duty-free perfumes, cosmetics and a liquor store can also be found here.

Centro Comercial del Hotel Rosarito Beach

This shopping court was one of the first buildings in Rosarito. Here you'll find arts and craft shops, contemporary art galleries, liquor stores, and Internet cafes.

Arts and Crafts Popotla Corridor

Arts and Crafts Popotla CorridorThis area is the manufacturing zone for the most original and representative of Rosarito's furniture, wrought iron work, arts and crafts, beautiful hand-crafted wood pieces, vases, marble mosaic among other decorative objects. Rosarito is an important manufacturing district that contributes to the Mexican economy with exports of custom made furniture or wrought iron pieces, with over 190 locales dedicated to arts and crafts.

Mercado de Artesanias de Rosarito

A commercial passage with multiple corridors that house over 200 shops where you'll find jewelry, arts and crafts, curios, rock art, leather and bone artifacts, amongst other things. A common practice here is to bargain with the shop vendors to get the best prices on every item on sale.

Plaza Pueblo

This original plaza is located in Rosarito and is where you can find, among other things, Susanna's Mediterranean Restaurant, a spa, an arts and crafts shop, a rustic furniture shop and a very original leather coat and jacket workshop where you can observe the manufacturing process of these items. It has a lovely cascade adorning the entrance, which opens onto a rustic style garden.

Shopping in San Diego

San Diego

If you're visiting Tijuana, don't miss your chance to cross the border and go shopping. There is a wide variety of products as well as shopping centers where you can be sure of finding items and clothing at very low prices. Just crossing the border, in San Ysidro, you can find Outlet Las Americas, a shopping center packed with designer clothing shops with amazing discounts.

San DiegoOnce in San Diego, you can find Mission Valley and the sophisticated Fashion Valley Mall, the ideal options for shopaholics. The latest styles, what is "in" and technologically advanced products can definitely be found here. Come and discover why shopping can become an "extreme sport".

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