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Restaurants in Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Tijuana

Tijuana is distinguished by its exquisite cuisine that blends traditional Mexican food with Mediterranean ingredients, resulting in an interesting fusion that today is known as BajaMed cuisine. The proximity of Tijuana to the United States also created a "Tijuana style" cuisine, which combines the best ingredients of the latter with the flavors of the Mexican northwest, and is influenced as well by French, Spanish and Italian cuisine, transforming the city into a state-of-the-art gourmet venue.

Tijuana RestaurantsEnjoy the atmosphere of Tijuana's restaurants and try delicious Mexican, Mediterranean, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and international dishes. This cosmopolitan city is the birth place of the world famous Caesar salad, which was created for the first time by Mr. Cesar Cardini at the Caesar Hotel, one of the most traditional in the city, opened in 1930. Tijuana is really a great gastronomic destination, feel free to visit and dine in some of its elegant and traditional restaurants.

Another gastronomic attraction of the area is the renowned wines produced in the region, famous not only in Mexico but throughout the world, along with the beers, Mexicali and Tecate. The Wine Route, where without a doubt the best wine is produced in Mexico, is located less than an hour drive from Tijuana. This region features the best Mexican wines made in vineyards, such as Santo Tomas, Casa Bibayoff, Chateau Camou, La Casa de Dona Lupe, and Monte Xanic.

Puerto NuevoOn the other hand, Rosarito has more than 85 restaurants on offer. In this coastal area more than a million succulent lobsters are served each year, mainly in Puerto Nuevo or “lobster village”, how is known by tourists. Seafood is prepared, not only by the expert chefs of Rosarito, but also by local family run businesses that also create a perfect balance of flavors and aromas. There is an option for everybody, from fish tacos to more sophisticated dishes. However, you must try the most traditional dish of the region, which is lobster deep fried in lard, served with rice, beans and flour tortillas!


CheripanCheripan, considered the best Argentinean restaurant in Tijuana, is the perfect place to try a wide variety of delicious dishes and wines. Savor the traditional Argentinean style grilled steaks, as well as sausage and mushroom with Roquefort cheese dumplings smothered with chimichurri sauce. Cheripan is a favorite restaurant with people who love fine cuisine and exceptional service. Enjoy these fabulous delicacies in a minimalist environment with soft lighting and lounge music.

El Potrero

El PotreroIf what you are looking for is pure Mexican style and flavor, then El Potrero is the place. This peculiar restaurant is constructed in the form of a hat and offers typical delicacies in Mexican cuisine which will have you coming back for more. Try the tasty mole or a choice cut steak, followed by a frosty beer.

La Cantina de los Remedios

La Cantina de los RemediosThis traditional cantina is located in Tijuana and is the perfect site for a conversation and a good time with friends. It offers a very animated and lively atmosphere, where you can spend time reading the writing (literally) on the walls of this very peculiar cantina. Forget about life for a while and enjoy the mariachi music. La Cantina de los Remedios (the Cantina of Remedies) is just what you need for your stress, tension, and worries.

La Diferencia

La DiferenciaThis Tijuana restaurant serves exquisite Mexican haute cuisine and has a very traditional "Mexican" atmosphere to boot. It's a popular spot with people looking for elegantly presented dishes and exquisite flavors.

La Querencia

La QuerenciaLa Querencia is the forerunner of the innovative movement known as BajaMed cuisine: a fusion concept that blends together ingredients from Asian, Mediterranean, and local cuisine. Savor the delicious duck tacos, lamb soup, abalone chorizo or marlin machaca. Don't be surprised if while you are dining at La Querencia that at the next table, a politician or a famous actor is also savoring a delicious, original BajaMed dish.

La Espadana

La EspadanaLocated in an area where all the best restaurants of the city are, La Espadana has garnered its reputation for being one of the best places for breakfast. So don't be surprised to find a long line on a weekend. While you're there, try the omelets and the Mexican specialty dishes.

La Escondida

La Escondida restaurantThis restaurant in Tijuana is ideal for organizing special events, since it offers large, elegant facilities decorated in a refined style, which provides guests with the luxury and comfort they deserve. Enjoy exclusive Mexican dishes, fresh seafood and exquisite house specialties, such as the Crab Casserole, Shrimp with Cognac Sauce and Aztec Fillet among many others, all prepared by an experienced chef. Enjoy your meal accompanied by the excellent selection of fine wines and spirits.

Las Mananitas

Las Mananitas RestaurantTry some of the tastiest Mexican snacks while listening to traditional Mexican music. Las Mananitas is decorated with rustic and tropical motifs, creating a relaxed atmosphere for customers. Have some traditional "sopes" and a glass of tequila while enjoying a good conversation with a new friend. If you want something more upmarket then try the shrimp stuffed with vegetables, wrapped in bacon and smothered in an exquisite Dutch sauce.

Los Arcos

Los Arcos RestaurantYou must try the delicious ''quesadillas'' and the fish and shrimp tacos. At this friendly stand in Rosarito some of the most popular dishes are served. Los Arcos is highly recommended for those travelers on a budget.

Villa Saverios

Villa SaveriosThis elegant restaurant, located in Tijuana's main restaurant area, has become one of the most distinguished in Baja California because of its hybrid, innovative culinary concept that combines European, American, and Mexican ingredients to create vanguard cuisine, which alongside the state's wine culture, promises a unique culinary experience. Furthermore, Villa Saverios has been awarded the "H" distinction by the Secretary of Tourism, the most important recognition for a Mexican restaurant, which guarantees the highest quality and hygiene standards.

Como Que No!

Como Que No! restaurantThis restaurant-bar offers an original concept for eating, drinking, and dancing to the rhythm of salsa, meringue, and even mariachi. Savor Tijuana's exquisite specialties such as Tampiquena Fillet, Razored Shrimp, Chicken in a Mole Sauce and the Mexican "Molcajete", (made with grilled beef, chicken, sausage, green onions, and panela cheese in a green sauce), among many other dishes. This romantic, bohemian spot features live piano music and elegant rooms, perfect to celebrate a special occasion. Take advantage of the Sunday Mexican buffet where you will find "menudo" or "pancita", grilled meat and assorted quesadillas.

Senor Frog's

Senor Frog's restaurantAt this incredible place savor the most exquisite dishes in the hippest and most animated international atmosphere. Pamper your palate with the wide variety of Mexican specialties prepared the "American way", such as the traditional Sombrero Plate, Barbecue Ribs, Chicken Pibil, Shrimp Tostada, Beef Fillet with chile Poblano Sauce, Paco's Nachos and the great Aqua Tacos. For a perfect finale, sample one of our the heavenly desserts such as Milk Caramel Crepes or Chocolate Mousse. All of this while enjoying Tijuana's fun and youthful atmosphere.

El Nido

El NidoFounded in 1971, this original restaurant serves, along with beef, pork and poultry, an excellent selection of game, and has a rustic, country-style atmosphere. We recommend that you visit the garden and admire the rustic decor and the surrounding lush green vegetation. Enjoy their deer "machaca" (shredded dry meat) with quail eggs for breakfast or try the rabbit or baby back ribs, mesquite style. All the ingredients used in the different dishes come from the local ranches owned by Don Lupe, the proprietor.

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