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Nightlife in Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Tijuana and Rosarito

If it's Mexico's nightlife we're talking about, Tijuana has to be mentioned. A city that boasts the best entertainment centers, from bars with live music to outstanding nightclubs and casinos catering to all tastes. Many of these places are on Revolucion Avenue, which transforms into one huge party that goes on until the early hours of the morning. Be part of the frenzied and exciting atmosphere of this busy street!

When speaking of fun and entertainment, Rosarito is the place! The nightclubs are different from those found in Tijuana, although no less explosive or hot. There are wild and crazy bars where you can ride a mechanical bull, play volleyball in the sand, do tequila shooters, dance till you drop or party till the roosters crow. There are authentic Mexican floor shows, karaoke bars, elegant night clubs and plenty of places in between.

La Cantina de los Remedios

Cantina de los RemediosThis traditional Tijuana spot is the perfect place to talk and have fun with friends in a lively, animated atmosphere. Forget about your problems and enjoy the cheerful music. This is the Remedy Cantina and here we will relieve you from stress, tensions and worries.

Iggy's Club

IggysThis lively club is on the most popular beach in Rosarito and features music of all kinds, from tropical calypso to hip-hop. Iggy's club is visited by the wildest party goers from both sides of the border. Take advantage of Rosarito's hot weather, crazy shows and games that take place during daytime.

Papas & BeerPapas and Beer

Come and have fun at the hottest spot in Rosarito! Papas & Beer features more than 43000 square feet of soft sand where dancing, live entertainment and games take place. Papas & Beer is more than 20 years old and during this time has welcomed loads of tourists, most of them spring and summer breakers, always with cold beer, tasty snacks and wild, yet safe Mexican partying.

Salon de Baile

This traditional hall, located between Revolucion Avenue and Madero Street in Tijuana, is decorated with beautiful paintings and Caribbean style designs mixed with a traditional Latin touch. It is the perfect setting for a night out dancing to the best salsa and merengue music.

La Casa de la Trova

This bohemian bar features beautiful "trova" music, providing you with the ideal atmosphere for good conversation. La Casa de la Trova is a good choice of venue for a romantic evening out in Tijuana.

Barbachano Zone

The area located between Rosarito and Corona Avenues, which run horizontally to the Boulevard Benito Juarez, is the bar and nightclub area of Rosarito Beach. It's a place where you have a combined beach and nightclub atmosphere seven days a week. Here, you will find world-renowned nightclubs including Senor Frogs, the legendary Papas and Beer, Rock and Roll Lobster and others.

More Nightclubs and Bars in Tijuana

Aside from the places mention earlier, you should check out the following clubs, bars, and pubs in your next visit to the lively city of Tijuana:

  • Catz (dancing club)
  • Las Pulgas (dancing club with several salons with different types of music)
  • La Roca (dancing club)
  • Zocalo (dancing club)
  • Dubai (dancing club)
  • Red Lion (sports bar)
  • Sotano Suizo (sports bar)
  • Bar Revancha (bar)
  • Dandy del Sur (bar)
  • El Callejon de la 6ta (bar)
  • La Estrella (bar)
  • Tia Juana Till's (bar)
  • El Burro Rayado (bar)
  • Mexican Pub (pub)
  • Pub de la Chapu (pub)

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