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Attractions in Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico: What to do and where to go

Welcome to Tijuana and Rosarito

Tijuana has several entertainment options to enhance your vacation. The city has many excellent hotels, beautiful restaurants, gorgeous beaches on the outskirts and professional golf courses. There are endless attractions, such as casinos, bars, clubs, concerts, bullfighting, a horse race track and even a greyhound track. Its modern urbanization is reflected in the Zona Rio area, which features wide tree lined avenues framed by manicured gardens.

Likewise, Tijuana is a venue of traditional cultural events that take place every year and attract both locals and tourists. These traditional festivities are samples of Tijuana's folklore, for example the "Fiesta Brava" ("Brave Party") where famous bullfighters display their abilities. Other festivities include the "Tijuana Fair", which is great for families and has a cockfightinRosaritog ring that features famous Mexican and international singers. Another event is the city's "Anniversary Festival", with its artistic performances and diverse gastronomic events, such as the "Fish and Seafood Festival" and the "Mexican Dishes Festival".

On the other hand, Rosarito offers a large variety of activities, from golf courses to ocean front spas, nightclubs and shopping areas where you can buy everything from hand carved wooden furniture to cute souvenirs.

The beautiful beaches of Rosarito are only 25 minutes from Tijuana and the trip alone can be an entertaining experience, since the highway (Scenic Road) provides drivers with a set of outstanding views of the Pacific Ocean.

Revolution Avenue

Avenida RevolucionThis famous avenue was built in 1889 and from its conception has been a haven for tourists, because of the variety of handicrafts, restaurants and famed nightclubs. Day and night it has a high-spirited, bubbly atmosphere. Stroll along this colorful avenue and be part of the psychedelic frenzy of lights where almost anything is allowed. Enjoy extraordinary restaurants, as well as the local warmth and kindness on Tijuana's most famous street.

Tijuana Cultural Center

Tijuana Cultural CenterThis place is known as CECUT and has become a cultural icon in the city and strongly promotes the arts. In this cultural venue, painting, photography and sculptures, as well as plays and ballet performances are held. It is also the locale for several artistic festivals. Inside, facilities include the Northwest Center of Scenic Arts, along with a movie theater with a spherical screen (Omnimax), an art gallery, an outdoor theater, a museum and a bookstore. This place was created to strengthen the cultural identity and artistic expressions of the Mexican northwest. The cultural center is visited by more than a million people each year.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral

Our Lady of Guadalupe CathedralThis cathedral was originally opened in 1902 as a church and is the oldest in the city. In 1964 it was further remodeled, changed into a cathedral and became the exquisite architectonic masterpiece it is today. Enjoy the unsurpassable beauty of this temple.

Rosarito Canyon

Rosarito Canyon

The mountainous region of Rosarito offers extra fun for travelers and is the ideal spot to go bike riding and horseback riding. Motocross bikes can be rented for an hour to speed on an exciting dirt racetrack. Every year professional motocross tournaments are held in Rosarito Canyon, if you're an amateur then have great fun watching them.

Cultural Venues

Cultural VenuesTijuana features many cultural venues, such as the city's "Art Gallery", which has several exhibitions and plays. The "House of Culture" exhibits a variety of artistic pieces and houses a many artistic workshops, the "Baja California Cultural Institute" is an institution devoted to the promotion of the region's culture, and "Tijuana's History Society", a modern cultural spot with a museum, exhibition room, auditorium and library, among other services.

Greyhound Race Track

Greyhound Race TrackEnjoy the excitement of the greyhound races and even entertaining competitions where monkeys ride the dogs like miniature jockeys. Make your bets and have fun like never before.


Jai-AlaiThis historic building, which opened in 1947, was for many years devoted to the Basque ball game of "Jai-Alai". The architecture is neoclassical and it is still one of the most important buildings in Tijuana. Here the visitors used to enjoy the emotion of the "jai-alai" matches, the fastest ball game in the world. Today, this attractive building is an important venue for cultural and entertainment events.

Fun World

Tijuana's Fun World is dedicated to family entertainment. Enjoy arcade games, go-karts, batting cages, mini golf, a rollercoaster and a children's train among many other attractions.

Wax Museum

Wax Museum

This museum features more than 80 replicas of historic and famous personalities. It was the second wax museum built in Latin America and displays sculptures representing historic characters, politicians as well as international actors and actresses.

Rosarito's Beaches

Beaches in RosaritoEach year, thousands of tourists run from the hustle and bustle of large cities to relax on the beaches of Rosarito. The weather couldn't be better, warm and sunny throughout the year, which creates an atmosphere full of energy, vitality and youth. Snorkeling, fishing and surfing are some of the attractions waiting for you.

Bullfight Rings

Bullfight ringsBoth of Tijuana's bullfighting rings have an interesting history and a stunning architectonic beauty. The first one, named "The Bullfight in Tijuana", is located on the oldest street in town and was built at the beginning of the 1920's as a symbol of the growth of tourism in Tijuana. It was constructed with steel and can hold about 30,000 people. The second ring is named "The Sea Ring" and is located next to Tijuana's coast, close to the border wall. This beautiful bullfighting ring is a classic example of Mexican modern architecture.

Real del Mar

This tourist development faces the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by the stunning landscape of Baja California's coast. Real del Mar, located in Tijuana and just 20 minutes away from the Zona Rio area, offers visitors an 18-hole professional golf course, that has been the main venue for several tournaments, such as the Governors' Cup, San Diego Magazine and Mattel, and features a clubhouse inspired by Mexican classical design. This gorgeous course is a must for any golf enthusiast.

Spas and Beauty Clinics

Spas in Rosarito

Since Rosarito provides its visitors with a more relaxed kind of tourism, than that of Tijuana, spas and beauty clinics could not be missing here. Places like Casa Playa Spa, Extravagance or Las Rocas Resort and Spa offer professional massage and spa services, with beauty and health treatments to fulfill a perfect balance between your body and mind. From a manicure to a hot stone massage they are all available here.

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