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Tijuana is one of the most important cities in Mexico due to its proximity to the busy US border. The large numbers of North Americans stand out among the tourists who visit Tijuana and are responsible for the city's growth in variety of tourist, recreational and commercial attractions. This city is known as "the busiest border city in the world", a place that invites you to enjoy and discover a wide range of attractions and activities.

You can get to Rosarito by driving just 30 minutes south of San Diego, or if you're in Tijuana already, by heading south for 25 minutes. The beaches of Rosarito are the main attraction, although it also offers professional golf courses, spas, and nightlife.


Bullfight rings in TijuanaTijuana is an extraordinary place where different cultures blend to create a unique atmosphere rich in history. The city also features amazing architecture, appreciated in such constructions as Tijuana's Cathedral. A population with an eclectic cultural background provides the city with a cosmopolitan and versatile profile. Likewise, Tijuana is linked with the economy of the United States, along with the traditions and culture of the neighboring city of San Diego. Tijuana offers the visitor the sensation of being immersed in two different cultures at the same time. Revolution Avenue is where the authentic Tijuana can be found, as well as the true embodiment of the hybrid lifestyle that resulted from the combination of these two cultures.

Glorieta de Cuauhtemoc

Tijuana's climate is similar to that of the Mediterranean and fluctuates around an average of 21 degrees Celsius. Over the last few years Tijuana has become a demographic phenomenon with surprising characteristics. There has been a continuous rise in the amount of migrants from the rest of Mexico, which adds to the population's natural growth. This has resulted in the highest population increase in Latin America. Tijuana has more than 2 million inhabitants, which places it as one of the most populated cities in the country below Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. Every year, more than 20 millions of tourists cross Tijuana's border, which equates to more than 60,000 visitors a day.

Wax museum in TijuanaIn a short period of time, Tijuana has developed into a dynamic, constantly evolving city and it is ranked among the most important not only in Mexico but in the whole world. As a border city, it has been the obligatory point of entry for many foreigners who are looking to live the "American dream". In addition to its exceptional architectonic beauty, it is famous for its bohemian atmosphere and lively nightlife.

CerveceriaTijuana features endless attractions for visitors, such as world class restaurants, thrilling nightclubs, interesting museums, colorful handicraft stores, modern shopping centers, and beautiful golf courses. Also there are stunning beaches nearby, exciting bullfights and frantic greyhound races, as well as many other activities.

A Little Bit of History

Tijuana's name originated from the union of the words "tia" (aunt) and "Juana", since the area that is nowadays the hub of the city, was some time ago a territory that housed the estate of "aunt Juana" (tia Juana), a famous landlady at the beginning of the 19th century. In 1848, when Mexico lost Alta California as a consequence of the war with the United States, new borders formed and changed the character of Tijuana into an international dividing line. At the end of the 19th century Tijuana's urban growth began. July 11th, 1889 is considered the date of the city's foundation and it was on that day that the main landlords of the time, Santiago Arguello and Agustin Olvera, signed a judicial agreement to join their haciendas, thus establishing the grounds for Tijuana's present day development.

La FronteraThe fame Tijuana has as a party city that never sleeps originated in 1920, when the Dry Law rule was imposed in the United States (the sale of alcoholic drinks was forbidden). People, who drank a lot, on the verge of desperation because of the forced abstinence, crossed the border to quench their thirst in Mexico. On one hand, numerous tourists came from the U.S to the nightclubs, on the other, the migration of Mexicans to Tijuana notably increased. They came to find work or cross illegally in to the United States. Nowadays, the Tijuana - San Diego border maintains the title of "the busiest international border in the World".

Rosarito and Its Beautiful Beaches

RosaritoThe popularity of Rosarito goes back to the days of Prohibition in the United States as well as the opening of the Rosarito Beach Hotel in the mid 1920's.Rosarito Beach has been receiving thousands of tourists ever since, gaining fame for its casino and well known fishing tradition. The construction of the streets, houses, government centers and hotels officially started in the 50's. Then came the shopping malls and larger tourist complexes, as well as many apartment buildings. The development and modernization of Rosarito hasn't slowed down since, but its traditional essence and family-friendly atmosphere has been carefully preserved. The city keeps attracting hundreds of travelers from all over the world every year.

Playa RosaritoLocated just 25 minutes from the US-Mexico border, Rosarito Beach is a very convenient nearby getaway featuring extensive sandy beaches, incredible sunsets, exquisite cuisine and an extraordinary climate, which all make this a great city to visit all year long. Here you'll find all sorts of fun activities. Visit the sand dunes and enjoy an adrenaline pumping ATV ride, go horseback, bike riding or end your day with a romantic sunset walk on the beach.

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