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Shopping in Tequisquiapan, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Tequisquiapan

Tequisquiapan, San Juan del Rio and Bernal are part of an important commercial area in the middle of the country, where skilled artisans can transform a handful of sticks into beautiful baskets and works of art, a bundle of wool threads into wonderfully soft fabrics, or even milk into a delicious candy. All these beautiful crafts and many more can be found in these towns at low prices, so there is no reason not take home an authentic Mexican souvenir whenever you visit Tequisquiapan and its surrounding areas.

Fabric and Embroidery Alley

This alleyway is located next to the parish church, in the Main Square of Tequisquiapan, where on the weekends and at holiday times many stands are set up, offering an interesting selection of woven and embroidered fabrics made using skillful handmade techniques. You can also find many other items, including necklaces, bracelets, candles, and cactus. Tourists and locals arrive from the nearby towns to browse around the stalls and purchase the beautiful items.

Basketry and Saddlery

Shopping in TequisquiapanTequisquiapan is known as Basket Heaven, because here you can find crafts that range from the basket you have always wanted to wonderful gifts. They are all made of willow, palm leaves or cypress roots, which the skilful artisans transform into delicate works of art. There are also some craftsmen that specialize in working with leather, who make beautiful saddles and other leather items that range from tablecloths or toys, to costumes, with stunning embroidery.

Art Crafts Markets

Shopping in TequisquiapanA great place to do your souvenir shopping is in one of the arts and crafts markets, where you can literally spend hours browsing around the many stalls. There is one market located next to the Redox hotel, where you can find items made of wicker, sticks, wood and ceramics. At the ''Teques-qui-calli'' market you can also find crafts from other parts of the country, such as embroidered fabrics, woodwork, ceramics, opals, silver jewelry, clothing, wicker, leather, and more. Tequisquiapan is also known for its furniture and wooden items, as well as for its amazing ironworks.


Shopping in TequisquiapanThe state of Queretaro is one of the main suppliers of opals in the world and there are numerous mines located here. The area around Tequisquiapan is filled with these mines, and you can buy many different kinds of opals that have stunning blends of color. Quartz and polished glass can also be found in the area, to suit every taste and budget.

Parador Artesanal La Canoa

Shopping in TequisquiapanIn the town of Ezequiel Montes, located just a couple of minutes from Tequisquiapan, heading toward Bernal, you can find the Parador Artesanal La Canoa (Bus Stop Arts and Craft Shop) where the best craftsmen of the town offer their work. Here you will find decorative objects made of ''Ixtle'', which is the natural fiber from the agave plant. This fiber can be transformed into items such as handbags, dolls and even colorful representations of the Last Supper. This craft involves hand weaving the original stiff fiber into intricate forms.

Parador Artesanal Tequisquiapan

This tourist rest stop is located on the road to Tequisquiapan from San Juan del Rio. Here you can buy goods and souvenirs at wholesale prices, to please all your friends and family. The items you will find here are mainly made of wicker and wood. Rest assured that what you buy will be of a very high quality and can be purchased for very reasonable prices.

Tequisquiapan's Main Square

Shopping in TequisquiapanAround the main square of Tequisquiapan and in the surrounding pedestrian streets, you can find lots of stores that offer wonderful crafts, clothing, jewelry, handmade candles, pine and rattan furniture, ceramics, leather goods and a whole lot more. Taking a shopping trip around this area is highly recommended next time you are visiting Tequisquiapan.

Bernal's Fabrics

Shopping in TequisquiapanEver since the 19th century, many wool factories have been based in the town of Bernal, and even today they still produce a variety of products made of the soft wool from the sheep bred in town. Many of these factories are open to the public, so you'll even have the chance to watch the interesting process of this ancient craft. Take advantage of your trip to Bernal, and don't hesitate in buying some of the fantastic woolen blankets, cushions, pillow covers, mats, jackets, sarapes, and ponchos, which you can find in the shops or stands located all over this charming town.

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