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Restaurants in Tequisquiapan, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Tequisquiapan

Restaurants in TequisquiapanThe ''Wine Route'' stretches from San Juan del Rio to the town of Bernal through Tequisquiapan, and includes the most important vineyards in the state. This area includes the third most important wineries in Mexico, after Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California and Valle de Parras in Coahuila. Each year a cheese and wine festival is held in Tequisquiapan, where specialists and aficionados of wine making come to sample the excellent wines produced here, providing a treat for the senses that has to be experienced.

Restaurants in TequisquiapanTequisquiapan has an abundance of culinary experiences to be enjoyed, which all feature quality cuisine and excellent service. Every venue has its own unique atmosphere, providing the perfect setting for a wonderful meal. Whether it is due to the cozy decor, the incredible views, the friendly service, or the incredible cuisine, Tequisquiapan has a dining option for you.

Tourist demand has defined the gastronomical offering in Tequisquiapan and its surroundings, resulting in natural flavors, seductive aromas, attractive presentations and colorful combinations that please every sense. This is why Tequisquiapan is the perfect place to enjoy everything from a delicious coffee, an exquisite meal, a decadent dessert to a locally made glass of wine.

Arrachelas In & Out

Sample the incredibly tender cuts of beef served here, called arrachera that stand out for their freshness and expert preparation, and will definitely have you coming back for more. They have a show every weekend featuring magnificent live music that really creates a fantastic atmosphere. This venue opens only for lunch and dinner.

Bernal's Gorditas

Restaurants in TequisquiapanTraveling to Bernal is a pleasure for the senses, because this picturesque town has adopted, as its traditional dish, the Mexican classic ''gorditas'', which are flattened balls of blue corn dough covered with refried beans, cheese and other interesting ingredients. There are gordita stands everywhere, with female cooks heating them in griddles and the fillings stored in blue pewter recipients just waiting to be used. Among the fillings you can find seasoned pork rinds, cooked nopal (cactus), marinated pork meat, minced meat, chicken cooked with potatoes and mushrooms, and spicy eggs. You simply must try them all.

Caballo Azteca Restaurant

Restaurants in TequisquiapanLocated inside the Hacienda Mexicana Los Azteca, which is an authentic 18th century hacienda that produces Pretexto, one of the best wines in the state, this restaurant has a spectacular view of the town's bullring. The menu includes a wide range of delicious Mexican dishes, such as Taquitos Dorados (fried chicken breast tacos) that you can follow with an Aztec Soup (spicy soup with cheese, tortillas and avocado) or a tasty pork rind cream soup, among many other delicacies. Spend a magnificent time eating in this rustic environment and enjoying the scenery. The restaurant is just 450 yards away from the Freixenet wine cellars, just off the Ezequiel Montes - Tequisquiapan highway.

Carnitas Quijada Cruz

Restaurants in TequisquiapanLet the delicious aroma guide you to this venue where you can try exquisite Carnitas (chopped pork) and other dishes, such as Pork Rinds, Chamorro, Longaniza (seasoned pork sausage), Fried Tacos, Barbacoa, and Enchiladas, all served with traditional handmade tortillas. For groups and large events there are banquet services available that include Carnitas (chopped pork) and also live mariachi music, a guitar player, and a piano player or Mexican trios.


Restaurants inTequisquiapanThis restaurant stands out as the only place serving fine Mexican and French cuisine in Tequisquiapan. They really do live up to their promise of quality, offering an exclusive menu full of French delicacies, such as the Three Sauces Filet, the Strawberry Sauce Magret, Lamb Chops, and a whole host of other delicious creations.

Freixenet World's Wine Bar

Restaurants in TequisquiapanRight in the middle of Tequisquiapan, you'll find Freixenet World's Wine Bar, a friendly establishment where you can enjoy wines that Freixenet produces around the world. You can find red, white, cava, champagne and sparkling wines (the last two made in the traditional Champenoise method) from Spain, France, Australia, Uruguay, the US and, of course, Mexico. There is also a variety of starters, cheese and cold cuts to complement your wine.

K'puchinos Restaurant Bar

Restaurants inTequisquiapanThis fantastic place offers a delicious variety of Mexican and international cuisine, along with a great selection of signature dishes that have become famous in the town of Tequisquiapan. On weekend evenings you can enjoy wonderful live music and karaoke at the Terrace Bar, La Luna.

Las Brasas

This is one of the best places, in Tequisquiapan, to enjoy a juicy grilled steak. Here you will find from filet mignon, delicious rib eye, extraordinary bife de chorizo (grilled spicy chorizo sausage) and the house favorite, arrachera. There are also plenty of vegetables and fish on offer, such as grilled trout, all prepared to perfection.

La Valentina

Restaurants inTequisquiapanThis restaurant is a great choice if you want to sample delicious regional, Mexican and international food, prepared with an array of interesting ingredients. It has an easy going, family atmosphere, and really magnificent service. Visit La Valentina Restaurant, located inside the Hotel La Plaza, and enjoy this colonial paradise, that really shows off the beauty of the state of Queretaro. While visiting the area, La Valentina is definitely a restaurant you should try.

Maridelfi Restaurant

Restaurants inTequisquiapanYou are sure to be pleasantly surprised by this fabulous restaurant, located in the hotel Maridelfi. Here, you will find a wide range of international dishes and also the house specialty, Paella Valenciana (Spanish rice with meat, seafood and spices), which is served only on weekends and holidays. After enjoying a fabulous meal, you can step outside and have a few drinks at the terrace bar, which has a fantastic view of the property's beautiful gardens. Special reservations are also available for a romantic dining experience on the terrace.

Sapore Italiano

Restaurants inTequisquiapanIf you are a fan of authentic Italian food, then you'll love this restaurant with its wonderful dishes prepared by the expert hands of a true Italian chef. Enjoy a whole range of delicious dishes including pastas, pizzas, ravioli, spaghetti, lasagna and salads. The restaurant also has a good selection of wines and a well stocked bar. This is definitely one of the best venues for dining in Tequisquiapan.

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